Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Last year my house turned 100 years old. When I get a spare minute, I often think about Mabel Jones/Fitzgerald for whom this house was built. Her father was Henry Jones, the entrepreneur who made a fortune out of IXL Jam and all kinds of industries associated with it.....orchards, tin mining, hydro electricity etc. In Hobart terms, he was a kind of olde worlde version of David Walsh. When Mabel lived here, the buttons in the front rooms summoned live in domestic staff. Not any more. Nobody me, I've pressed them often enough.

I wonder what Mabel would make of our house and my chaotic, fly - by - the - seat - of - my - pants style of housewifery which reigns supreme. There have no doubt been changes.....back in her day, two of her sisters lived in the two houses next door. These days one is occupied by a retired senator and a lactation specialist and the other by a proctologist. Things have changed even in the eight years that we have known our house.....the people who lived here before us had a grand piano in what is now our library, a dental surgery in the downstairs bedroom and a fetish for an old - lady - underpants - pink and mint colour scheme. During our time here we have put the kitchen in the dining room:

bookshelves in what is now the library:

and significantly upped the number of bathrooms from the pathetic two that were already here. Now, I'm happy to  report that there is no old - lady - underpants - pink anywhere to be seen:

.....and poor old mum has admitted to nightmares having slept in the bed where the dentist's chair once was.

Housewifery, is of course a specialist occupation. Last night, a friend sent me a link to this utterly fabulous music video made by the very clever housewife, Meg Bignell:

What else is there to say? Other than that I love Meg's work.

I didn't set out to become a housewife.....even though I may have done an Arts degree. I had various work incarnations before I was finally promoted to my current position of housewife, just before the birth of our third child. And now we are well and truly outnumbered with four precious little darlings.....why watch TV? Anyway. It's at this point that I've promised said husband that I'll mention the fact that while I may be a housewife, not only do I manage our house and family but ALSO our investment portfolio and a very long winded subdivision/construction/renovation which is inching closer to completion. There you have it, I am a clandestine property developer. On the side. I'm sorry to say that too much talk of dresses makes him very upset....I promise that I'm working on making sure that our boys don't inherit this character flaw. They will be happy to read about dresses until the cows come home. This might be the ideal point in which to insert the photo of the outfit voted by you for me to wear last Friday night....drumroll please:

Sometimes I worry that by being a housewife, I've lost my own identity. See, here's my version of a mood board.....or rather a notice board, which hangs in the kitchen:

It's a veritable mess of party invitations for children....and mercifully a couple for grown ups, dancing competition info, soccer and debating rosters, merit certificates, school notices AND a photo of my guru, Bikram Choudhury, a postcard we sent the children from the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, a gorgeous Liberty heart from the crafty Jane at Life on Planet Baby** and a thank you note from the follower who won my giveaway. So I 'm not quite totally overwhelmed....just yet.

And, at the end of the day, being a housewife has allowed me to become really quite good at Bikram Yoga:


** I recently commissioned Jane to make my girl's names and look how beautifully they turned out:

Wouldn't they make the perfect gift for friend's welcoming a new baby?


  1. Great post Romy. Holy smokes, those yoga moves are seriously impressive! You have spruced the house up beautifully. Do you ever lock yourself in the library? Such a gorgeousl room to sit with a book if peace could be achieved. The liberty names are very sweet, a nice idea. I'm a house wife yet can barely manage to get my tax done in addition to child management (yet next week I return to work...eek). Would love to see more of the property development.

  2. You've done such a great job of the house - and juggling 4 children is not easy, it's an all consuming 24/7 job. I feel a bit like you though, you do lose your individual identity when you are at home with children and meld into the family unit. I joke with my husband all the time that my Architecture degree has been very useful as I've become his home PA/ housekeeper/ dogsbody (because I do all the financial stuff, despite him working in finance, all the home organising, logistics for holidays/ activities plus our own house renovation plans which he actually had the gall to ask what was taking me so long to get them finished. That would be the three children.) It's kind of exhausting. Pretty dresses are a welcome distraction. You looked fab for the school cocktails. And your yoga poses are very impressive. Lovely signs for the girls rooms too.

  3. Laughed and misted a bit too watching the Angry Song. My life exactly! Love the house pics and the girl's pretty.
    Those yoga moved are seriously impressive! x KL

  4. Oh Romy. You have me in stitches. That video was so close to the bone, I'm wincing! I'm happy to work on a new mood board with you, anytime ☺. I can't believe those extraordinary poses - you are amazing. Oh, to be so supple. And thanks for the gorgeous mention and photos. It was my great pleasure. Thanks, my friend! J x PS You can bend Camelia's 'm' and 'e' a little closer together to make it straight again ☺.

  5. Love, love, love The Angry Song!!! I think that might be my new anthem!

    Your house is just gorgeous! I adore so many aspects of it, but especially the chandelier in the kitchen, the wallpaper in the library and I would love to know more about the painting in the living room.

    As for your yoga moves, wow! So impressed!!! A Bikram studio has opened up about 10 mins away from me, so now I have no more excuses!! xx

  6. Holy heck , that's you doing yoga? I did it for five years and never got any good at anything beyond child's pose. Love your home and especially the chandelier in the kitchen, we housewives need our sparkles. Plus that dress is Downton Abbey fabulous,


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