Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Yesterday was my birthday. Seeing that it was a school/work day I was treated to a fake birthday on Sunday....where I got to eat cake and drink champagne in bed for breakfast:

And then go out for lunch and a long drive in the country with my beautiful family. I couldn't be bothered to make my own cake so I bought it at Sweet Envy. Grittily dense chocolate mud layered with smooth chocolate ganache. It was delicious. In the course of cake experimentation we discovered that it was also really good microwaved and dished up as pudding with cream.

But by yesterday afternoon we had run out of cake and I had an after school park playdate with a friend. Between us we had eight children, so I bought this Berry Cheesecake from the Lipscombe Larder en route:

Seeing that we had already consumed so much chocolate cake, I thought that it was time to get our fruit levels up. Unfortunately, this cake was nowhere near as good as the Sweet Envy cake and my children complained when I packed what was left of it in their school lunchboxes this morning. How decadent is it to sit in the park with a friend, eat cake and drink champagne while your children amuse themselves playing with their friends. I wish it was my birthday everyday:

I will readily admit to a slight obsession with my initial:

So this was my birthday present:

I love birthdays and I love cake. But don't think the weekend was all fun and frivolity down here. On Saturday, I pushed the pram down to Franklin Square to the Ban Live Animal Export Rally:

Where the children and I all signed the petition.



  1. Happy Birthday! Cake + Champagne are a definite must for any playdate I think. Love your birthday necklace, and I quite like my initial too, and fortunately it's very easy to source things with it in Hermes, although not cheaply, mores the pity.

  2. Happy Birthday Romy. Hope you had a good one!

  3. Happy birthday R. I don't think it's decadence, I think it's good parenting. K (The Blog a House Built)

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Champagne and cake sounds fabulous. I adore your birthday present as well, I have had my eye on a Canturi E for some time! xx

  5. Happy birthday!
    Those cakes looks amazing...I am partial to chocolate but that berry cheesecake looks pretty good too!

  6. Happy birthday greetings to you!

  7. Happy Birthday - a wonderful way to celebrate - love the R and plentiful cake and champers. A x

  8. happy Birthday R, one day we will meet and I will see the R in real life x

  9. Happy belated birthday Romy! That's such a beautiful necklace. It looks a little like an India Hicks design, only prettier.
    Gorgeous scarf too. Was that part of the birthday boxes?
    Well done for going down to the Ban Live Animal Export Rally. So impressed. I'm an animal lover too.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday week! xx

  10. Happy Birthday Romy!!! And why was this auspicious occasion not mentioned at our lunch the other weekend??? Love your birthday present! Mel x

  11. Bon anniversaire!

    Hmm, I just might have to start bringing cake and champaign to the park...

  12. Your necklace is gorgeous, love the look of both of those cakes!

  13. Happy Birthday !! October girls rule, O.K. ? XXX

  14. HBD Romy! Love the idea of that delicious cake and champagne in bed but I think i would be too scared of crumbs. It would have to coincide with sheet change day!

  15. Be still my heart..that berry cheesecake

    Am going to try the peanut butter tip in your last post...lazy me left masking tape on my new glass doors too long after painting them ie the wooden part

    Ashamed to admit havent to Hobart looks beautiful though the Georgian architecture and of courser there's MONA


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