Wednesday, 21 November 2012


How embarrassing. Today while on the phone I was forced to admit that I was at the bottom of the garden taking photos of the peonies. bud:

And full bloom:

I'm going to an actual peony farm just outside Hobart on Saturday.....needless to say, my excitement knows no bounds.

Perhaps my flower addiction may have become just a tad out of hand. As evidenced by the fact that today I may have selected my clothes while bewitched by my singleminded obsession. Look, here's a photo of me inside:

And then, outside:

See.....I match my garden:

And just for the record, it was my husband who suggested that I stand precariously perched on top of the heat pump you do.

I love this LK Bennett skirt, it brings back such happy memories of a trip to London almost 9 years ago when we stayed with friends in the way, same friend, if you happen to be reading this we need to talk to workshop next Saturday night!

This afternoon, between school pick ups, I rushed into town because my phone was beeping to remind me that today was the day that the Collette Dinnigan for the Australian Ballet at Target launched. One of my girls may have outgrown it, yet I was keen to deck the little one out in it....honestly what a gorgeous combination, Collette Dinnigan and ballet inspired outfits:

Source: Target Online

So imagine my disappointment when I had to take two turns around the children's department at Target and still couldn't find any trace of Collette Dinnigan's collaboration. I was somewhat concerned yet kept telling myself that they must have created a special display. I was deluded. When I finally found a staff member to ask it was only to be told that it was unavailable in Tasmania, the stock only went to Target in Launceston. Quelle horreur. Especially as various bits and pieces had already sold out online when I checked this morning. So what did I do.....I rang my Mum, who lives in Launceston, and she was only to happy to go shopping. Phew.



  1. Your peonies are stunning. How annoying to go all the way to Target and come out empty handed. I had no idea CD was doing a collaboration.... Love your skirt, and the matching with your roses. I also love that your husband made you pose on the heat pump. My husband is the opposite and has taken to ducking his head out of frame of photos I try to take of him, as he seems to now think everything will end up on the blog. I had to reassure him that I knew how to crop photos, and that at any rate we didn't need all the next year or two of photos to have him headless in them. Not sure how we'd explain that to the grandchildren...... xx

    1. Heidi, he was laughing so hard that he was almost crying....and then he showed concern that climbing from the picket fence over to the heat pump might be hazardous and result in an injury.....which would mean that I would struggle with house/children/meals/gardening etc etc.

  2. Peonies are my favourite. Tied with hydrangeas.
    I think it is too warm in Brisbane for peonies least I never seem to see them?
    So I love seeing your photographs.

    And I am glad you managed to get your hands on some Collette Dinnigan's collection...that little number is too cute!

    1. Peonies and hydrangeas would be a gorgeous combination....except that my hydrangeas aren't in bloom yet. In Hobart you only see peonies if you grow them yourself....I don't think I've ever seen them in a florist. They remind me of springtime in France where you can buy big bunches in the market for about AUS $10.
      The Collette Dinnigan range is gorgeous and my little girl will be in seventh heaven as she already shows a predilection for ballet wear.....her brothers love dressing her up in tutu's from the dress up box!

  3. Please don't forget to ask about the peonies and us Adelaidians...

    I had no idea about CD, AB and Target, now I will have to waste precious billable hours on the target site. Have a great day. Kx (The Blog a House BuiltT

    1. Don't worry, I have a million questions to ask the peony people and two of them are 1. can you grow peonies on the Adelaide plains 2. if so, how?! I promise I will fill you in on whatever the answers may be! Hope you scored some girls ballet kit! Rx

    2. Romy, you are a wonderous superstar. Kx


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