Sunday, 16 December 2012


My husband usually goes to work on Saturdays and I spend the day in a blur of chauffeuring children between sport/dancing/parties. Yesterday, the stars aligned and he had the day off and with the children on school hols.....some of the day was ours to do as we pleased.  Because we live in Hobart, between showers, we all headed down to Salamanca, to the market:

And then, we ventured further afield, out to Berriedale to another market, MoMA, on the lawn at MONA. When we arrived, one of the mums from school was offering tastings of the sparkling that she makes for Moorilla, which is the MONA Winery. Yes please. There was also a chap demonstrating how to skin a rabbit, wrap it in prosciutto and turn it into a delicious meal. The theme of this years markets are 'Let's eat invasive species, like weeds and Bambi'......yesterday it was Peter Rabbit's turn. Apparently, one solution to solving the problem of introduced rabbits which have become pests and decimate the landscape and our native animals ecosystems, is to eat the problem. Makes sense......the children did comment that it smelt yummy.

We've been spending a bit of time on the lawns at Mona lately:

How could you not, as going to MONA is like entering a portal and slipping into a parallel universe where the outer Hobart suburbs have somehow morphed into being the ultimate in cool, and even better, fuelled by great food and wine.....and art.....and a soundtrack.

An artist friend of mine, Brigita Ozolins,  had set up 'The Chapel' in the teepee like structure with the gold pyramid on top:

If you live in Hobart, you've probably seen Brigita's work before, David Walsh commissioned a permanent work for inside his museum and she also has a work in situ on the ground floor of the State Library of Tasmania, in amongst the newspapers.

Yesterday, Brigita was doing bibliomancy readings inside the grotto that is 'The Chapel', under the gaze of an antique engraving of a long departed Thylacine surrounded by fairy lights and leaves and seeds. She had a stack of books covered in brown paper that she was using to perform divination. I waited my turn and wrote my question in the book......'What am I going to cook for dinner tomorrow night?' This is a question that I eternally ponder. Not a day goes by where I don't ask myself this pressing nice to have it answered for me. The lady who had her turn before me asked 'Are my children going to lead happy and fulfilled lives?' Hmm. I wonder what her answer was.

Brigita read my question, guffawed (not sure whether good or bad sign) and then consulted one of her weighty tomes. This is what she wrote in answer to my question, then folded it and sealed it in an envelope:

'Agitation within robs one of reflection and clarity of vision. The right thing, then, is to keep still until balance is regained.'

Profound. I had time to think about this as I walked back across the lawn to be reunited with my husband who was lying on a beanbag in the kids tent being jumped on by three of our children. I showed him my piece of paper and told him my interpretation, what I think the message is.....that it's obvious that I should ease off on my housewifely duties. Have a well deserved rest. Sounds logical don't you think? He then asked me if it would be possible to slack off any more and how could I do any less. Isn't he an outrageous tease.

Anyway, it's now 5.45pm tomorrow and I still don't know what's for dinner. Anyone got any ideas?



  1. That is a very clear message that you either need to go out to dinner or get takeaway. The Books Have Spoken And Must Be Heeded.

    MONA looks lovely.

    Hope all well in your world.

    1. Yes, it was a very strong message! Dinner magically materialised when the husband went out and acquired takeaway.....I wonder what will happen tonight?! MONA is amazing, we are so lucky to have it here in Hobart. All good here, thanks for asking! Rx

  2. It's all quite a cool scene in Tas, isn't it?? Must say that I've relished the lack of running around on Saturday this weekend too- we've managed to have a weekend not so focussed on kid stuff, which makes for a nice change. Brigita sounds like fun.... clearly you were supposed to spend today lying down doing nothing. It sounds like you didn't hence no clarity of vision for you! I'd blame the family for that, and go the takeaway option myself xx

    1. Giggling as yes, suddenly Tas does seem cool! Especially MONA which let's face it is the ultimate in cool......however, today everywhere down here is cool, as it's struggling to reach 16 degrees! I knew that I shouldn't have spent a frantic day weeding the garden yesterday....I should have been waiting for vision clarity....takeaway did materialise for dinner, though! Rx

  3. what a lovely place! sounds like a fun day!

  4. You crack me up, Romy. Yet again. Can you believe we haven't made it to MONA yet? J x

  5. Hi Romy,

    Love your blog! looking forward to meeting you in London on Janelle's tour.

    Victoria Hopkins


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