Monday, 25 February 2013


On Thursday, I had my wisdom teeth pulled the dentist's chair. I had been putting it off for twenty years. In the lead up I was somewhat gung-ho having been regaled with my husband's reminiscences about when he'd had his taken out, in hospital, and how he'd been at the pub the night after swooshing his sockets out.....with beer. My logic was, that having lived through four caesarians, how bad could it be? Well, let's just say that when you have a caesarian, you don't have to taste your own blood. Afterwards, the dentist gave me my teeth in a sealed, transparent bag. Seeing all of my children were accounted for, I couldn't resist a quick turn around the shops and then I went home and put myself to bed while the anaesthetic wore off. Considerately, my husband picked up the boys from school. When they exploded into my room demanding afternoon tea, I showed them my teeth. They were horrified and rushed downstairs and made me a cup of tea and proceeded to sit on the bed patting my hair. I've left my teeth on the bedside table hoping that the tooth fairy might put in an appearance, alas, after four nights she still hasn't shown up.

I'm pleased to report that having been banned from strenuous exercise for 24 hours after my procedure, it gave me some time to actually make those chandelier shades I'd been meaning to knock up.....since back in the dark days of the school holidays:

I took my inspiration from this Tricia Guild book:

And when Tricia says that richly coloured silks and cut velvets are enlivened by black and white, I was prepared to take her word for it. So, I finally took the scissors to the Rapunzel pink shot silk of an old matron of honour skirt (Heidi and Janelle both egged me on, your honour)  and mixed it up with a black and white check, offcuts of a hot pink silk and lots of bobble braid and ta da, this was how they turned out:

Now, the only chandelier in the house undressed is the one which hangs in the kitchen above the bench....yet I'm just not entirely convinced  that it needs an injection of tizz, so I'm thinking of leaving it alone. Although, saying that the beautiful pink glass is continued in the kitchen windows and the matron of honour ensemble is the perfect match.....not only for the glass but my Kitchen Aid as well. Tempting.



  1. Love the chandeliers - you are very clever!

    I wouldn't pop the silk in the kitchen - for purely practical reasons that no matter how hard you try it will get some grease on it.

    Hope you recover soon from the teeth removal. I had it done when I was 16 and it was horrible.

  2. Oh gosh, I will never forget the disgustingness that was wisdom teeth removal. Ugh, that metallic taste of blood...
    On the other hand, I adore your fancy shades. Very pretty, beautoful fabrics and I just love a pompom!

  3. LOVE the chandeliers - gorgeous, and a fitting end to the bridesmaid dress. I'm sure the bride will enjoy looking up and being reminded of her wedding from time to time as well! Ouch to the wisdom teeth. You seem remarkably happy. I had mine out 16 years ago, and spent almost an entire week in bed with total chipmunk cheeks after. I also read the book "Alias Grace" by Margaret Atwood, and still have no clue what was within the cover - I was on high levels of painkillers..... must go and reread it sometime! Hope you're all better xx

  4. Ouch! I had my wisdom teeth done when I was 17- so glad it was under anesthetic and they did them all at once! You are brave to have them done in the chair!
    The shades look lovely BTW!

  5. Love the chandeliers!
    Luckily I have never had trouble with wisdom teeth. It sounds awful, you were very brave! x

  6. ouch indeed! I haven't had mine out yet... and the doctor says that mine probably won't come out (I only have one)...but boy they sound painful!


  7. I'm SO in love with these Romy! I would pay you to do one for me, but know how busy you are. I don't think my efforts will look even as half as good as yours.

    Just love that Schiaparelli pink colour too!


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