Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Words cannot describe just how much I adore the colour pink, so I thought I'd show you instead.

 Accents of pink are everywhere in France:

I'm the first to admit that I'm rather partial to dressing our baby up in a touch of pink:

Yet, her brothers and almost twelve year old sister are not so keen on me doing the same to them.

I automatically gravitate to pink for me, too. Here's the Kate Spade bow bangle which I picked up in London:

.....which perfectly matches the Dior Granville tote that was my souvenir of our most recent trip to Paris:

It's beautiful, yet after only six weeks the leather has ripped where the strap connects to the bag....there's no Dior shop around these parts so I need to now get the bag to Lyon or Paris to be repaired.....did someone say Paris?

Anyway, now for some flowers. Here's a traffic stopping cherry blossom tree we found in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris:

...and a riotously beautiful pink horse chestnut tree just up the way in the tiny village of La Roque - sur - ceze down here in Gard:

...and a simple bouquet of roses picked in a friend's Espondeilhan garden:

There's a lot of pink to be had in London, too:

Especially at the Chelsea Flower Show:

I grow this same David Austin 'Scepter'd Isle' rose in my garden in Hobart:

And this rose is now destined for a wall in our house in Hobart:

as surprise, surprise, somehow I made a successful absentee bid at an auction in Avignon on husbands parting words, as we dropped him at the airport en route to the preview at the action house, were to let the ten year old practice his French numbers by bidding at the auction. Needless to say, I didn't think that was a very sensible idea.

Designer's Guild is good at pink:

As is Hermes.....we watched them actually printing scarves at the Saatchi Gallery, yet so far I haven't been able to find this 'Parures des Maharajas' patternn any of the boutiques down here in the South of France:

....maybe it'll turn up in Aix en Provence.

So what's your favourite colour?



  1. gorgeous painting Romy - love it, it will be a lovely reminder of your time in France once you return home. Love all your pink too, although can't believe that your bag has already broken?? Was it from overstuffing? My bags suffer this fate... by the time you've shoved a few child essentials and a couple of heavy water bottles in your nice bag they're not looking so good! I'm a blue person personally. I do love deep rosy pink, but I really have very little in my wardrobe/ house that is pink. I remember reading about the psychological gravitation that women have towards pink, apparently it's been overwhelmingly scientifically proven that we choose colours that veer towards pinks on the colour wheel. It must've missed me somewhere along the way! xx

  2. well pink of course! I LUFF this post so much!

    I decorate and were pink and tomorrow I will wear my Hermes scarf called Tropique and think of you. Bought it at heathrow in a panic. Hope you find the scarf Romy and I miss you tres much.

    LUFF the painting so much xx

  3. I love pink too! It's such a girly fun colour. Your Dior bag is absolutely gorgeous, by the way.

  4. Definitely Pink for me - gorgeous photos and post too - thanks for sharing your travels.



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