Friday, 10 August 2012


This morning, before I'd even opened my eyes, I was wondering if anyone would notice if I did the school drop off in my bathrobe and ugg boots. My husband has been in Melbourne, so for two mornings in a row I have shouldered the burden of baking biscuits, preparing lunches, cooking breakfast (porridge with berries for three and a boiled egg with fruit salad for the other), making sure they eat said breakfast, overseeing school uniforms, doing hair and driving them to school, singlehandedly. Usually, we job share and I do all of the above except the getting them dressed part and my husband drops them at their respective schools en route to the time for me to get my first load of washing out, clean the kitchen and get me and whoever is at home, to the Bikram Yoga studio. Getting four children and myself dressed in time to leave the house at 8.15am this morning proved impossible. I was hard at it for over an hour and didn't take my eye off the prize for one minute, yet this was how we left the house:

Oops, that is the AFTER shot, taken an hour later, when were finally ready to brave a trip to the butcher and the Bikram Yoga for me today due to the chicken pox. Anyway, prepare yourselves, as here comes the BEFORE shot:

Messy. I had the brainwave just before leaving the house, that if I donned my puffa jacket over the top of my bathrobe then anybody unfortunate enough to see me driving my car, five minutes down the road, would never even guess the true state of my dishevelment. As I have mentioned before, puffa's are an essential piece of clothing in Hobart, they are de rigueur on the school run. And today I wore mine.....with my bathrobe and my ugg boots....luckily I didn't have to get out of the car. I hope my husband doesn't read this.

When we got to the butcher, he of course, made comment that I hadn't been in his shop for some time. I told him that we had been on a self inflicted vegetarian, tee totalling challenge. He was surprised.....especially as he used to play rugby union with my husband and I don't think they understood the meaning of the words 'teetotalling' or 'vegetarian' way back then except as a tease. However, he was somewhat consoled after I paid him $65 for 6 thickly cut, free range, Wessex Saddleback pork chops from Mount Gnomon Farm. Expensive, yet that is what it cost. When you consider that these animals were ethically raised with minimal cost to the environment, it doesn't seem so expensive, really. And, let's face it, it will probably be another week or so before I am back at the butcher.

For some time, we have been worried that our four year old son's future career may be already determined:

If so, then we'll know what to get him for Christmas circa 2030....a tee shirt like this one:


PS Not speaking German, I googled what it actually says on this tee shirt to check that it wasn't anything licentious or derogatory. The translation is something along the lines of 'more attractive than you think'....and this image was part of a hugely popular advertising campaign for the German Trade Union, I kid you not.


  1. Love the fact you did the school run in your PJ's!
    I am so glad that I don't have to get anyone out the door in the morning, except my 17 year old, when he is working, and thankfully he is quite capable of dressing himself, brushing his hair and making his lunch! We can still all be sitting around in our PJ's at lunch time!

  2. Oh, I don't about that last picture... As a now long-time single woman .... I don't know.... (!!!)
    As for the dressing-gown, we were driving along a very busy road here in town at around 11a.m. yesterday when a young woman leisurely crossed the street in a very tight and short ... pink bathrobe and slippers. I thought that she was actually living one of my worst and very recurrent nightmares ! She was holding something that looked like toothpaste in her hand ; probably just realized she'd run out after her shower and gone to purchase one. As she was not indecent, just totally out of place, I was really full of admiration !xx

  3. You do make me laugh Romy. Let's hope the same person who you saw post yoga the other morning didnt run in to you today. I can totally relate to your morning. My husband has been away for the last fortnight, and getting my girls out the door and myself to work by 8 is a mission, especially when I have one who is terrible at getting going in the morning. Thank heavens for puffa jackets!!
    Enjoy those pork chops. Amanda x

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these photos! It makes me feel so much better about how you encountered me the other morning! I hope that the first impression of me isn't a lasting one (although I swear I am much, much cooler online than in real life!)

    Which butcher do you visit? I would love to try the chops one day!

    I hope that the pox is lifting so you get some you time again soon!!


  5. Oh Lisa, I had your email from yesterday in the back of my mind while I was writing this, I thought you might think it was easy for me to console you with words......yet a picture speaks a thousand words, and all that! See! Have a lovely weekend. Rx

  6. So love that you did the school run in your PJs!! I have to get out to release the hounds at school so that wouldn't work for me sadly. As soon as boy 2 can be trusted not to open car doors whilst driving (don't ask!) I will reverse the child locks so that I can do the drive by drop off and wear my PJs and puffer jacket!

    N had chicken pox at 12 months, before the vaccine is given. Luckily at that age he didn't really scratch his spots too much. How is Camelia going? x

    1. Emma, somehow when I was trying to publish your above comment on my iPhone it accidentally pressed delete.....managed to somehow save it yet my technical ability didn't extend to republishing it, so sorry as I love reading your comments! Rx

  7. How matter how much preparation I do the night before...mornings are always crazy!
    You wouldn't think it would be that hard to get three people cleaned and fed and dressed, but it is!

    I change into scrubs at work so I leave the house in all manner of crazy the morning it doesn't matter as I am generally early enough not to see anyone but the problem is when I am leaving work in the afternoon I always get busted looking less than polished!

  8. In your head, in the planning stage, mornings seem doable. But when you're living it, impossible! High fiving you for doing the drop off in pjs! X

  9. You mean PJ's and trackies aren't daily wear? I'm going to have to rethink my wardrobe.

  10. I love this! Just today I was complaining to my hubby how much I hate mornings - especially when I have multiple drop offs at different times. My 3 yr old boy has started to say to me "is this one of the days I have to get out of my pjs straight away?" Hmmmm ... should probably teach my children to get dressed no matter what. We'll get there.

  11. Good work on the ugg run going unnoticed. Single parenthood is damn hard, I'm often at it and take my hat off to the good women everywhere doing it full time. I'm impressed by the bikram yoga addiction. I did it once and thought i might die when the nazi instructor forbid me from drinking water. I think normal yoga in Mackay mid summer is going to be bikram-ish.

  12. Oh honey, i leave the house at 8a.m. most days (some earlier as my eldest has before school volleyball practise) & it takes years to perfect with 4 children (only my husband is a soldier & either living interstate, overseas or if he's home, he's out of the house by 6a.m. every day, he's not made a school lunch in years, he would if he was around!!) but this week i've been sick & have happily dropped the children at school in my ugg boots. I even got out at my eldest daughter's private high school in them to kiss her goodbye (clearly forgetting my purple Peter Alexander glad feet) & have been collapsing back home with a cold. We're parents, put the children first, our fashion & dignity second, good excuse non??
    As children start preschool, primary & high school in staggered lots (& for us, in different states & territories with different start times, driving times etc) i literally have a different routine every single year. I've nailed it this year, pretty proud of myself, considering we live 25km from the city & drive in traffic. I finally worked out the best route & now get to the gym with plenty of time for the Spin class at 9.30 which is very competitive!! Love Posie

  13. Oh Romy. You never fail to make me smile. Love the 'keeping it real' ethos here. How was the pork? And yes, your German translation is spot on ☺. J x

  14. Sounds just like our place. 4 boys to get ready to be out the door by 8.10.

    Lucky for me hubby got moved from Moonah to Sandy Bay, so now goes the right route to drop the big boys off to school on his way.

    What a massive difference it makes! It's only 2 I have to make sure are dressed, fed, and have lunches packed.

    The little boys and I then get to stay in my pjs for as long as I see fit! And have a leisurely breakfast at our own pace.

  15. Oh gosh - I'm about to have my second baby and the first has just started school - I have simply no idea how I'm going to get her to school in time for the 8.35 bell every morning when I have a newborn to feed, and now I'm really even more nervous!!! And I have to walk there, so the bathrobe won't cut it... maybe I should start sleeping in my clothes? ;-)

  16. Oh, I just knew you would pick this post! Luckily one of the benefits of being back in the US is no one bats an eye at my sweats and t-shirt look. And I've just got two!

  17. Loving this post the second time around as much as the first, Romy! Thanks so much for linking up with the POTMC. J x

  18. So awesome. I can just imagine you in your robe! My one has me scrambling most days too. :) I hope you came right home and took a lovely hot shower for yourself.


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