Tuesday, 3 April 2012


The party has been and gone and it was an overwhelming success. The birthday boy, and I use the term loosely as he was turning ninety, was radiantly surprised. Mercifully his stent held up so he got to hang around and enjoy the festivities. Can you believe that none of the children gave the surprise away - a big ask when you are dealing with Tobes who usually can't help himself. At one stage we even used Mimi as a decoy to detract attention away from guests walking up the driveway by getting her to stage an impromptu Irish dancing display.

I am happy to report that there was more than enough food, even though I endured kitchen catastrophe - which saw gougeres fail to puff and one tray of camelised onion pizzas burnt beyond recognition. How nice does the afternoon tea table look:

Can you believe that the guests put away all but one bottle of a case of bubbly? Not bad going for a group of oldies attending a very vocal teetotallers afternoon tea birthday party.  So much for the tea. I was surprised, especially as we had managed to rustle up 28 teacups, few of which got a go.

Before the party on Sunday, I managed to sneak in a session in the hot room as it was also the first day of Bikram Yoga Studio New Town's 30 Day Challenge. Three days in and so far it has been without incident. I wonder how I will feel tomorrow when I have to rock a double to make up time so that I can have a few days off over Easter to play with my family and eat chocolate. Probably really hard. Bring it on. As Bikram says 'Never give up. Never slack off. It is only through disciplined willpower that physical health, mental peace and Self-Realization can be achieved'. Twenty seven days to go.


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