Friday, 30 March 2012


I've been struggling with inspiration this week. My intention for this blog was to reassure myself that my life as a housewife living in Hobart isn't as dull and uninteresting as I sometimes imagine it to be. This week however it seems to be.

So I'll just have to resort to telling you about my children - each of whom has had a great week at school. Felix brought home a certificate from assembly and is doing extension French classes, Mimi landed one of the main roles for Wakikiri performance and good old Tobes and his besty did this to themselves in the playground after school yesterday:

I have every minute over the next two days accounted for in the lead up to Kim's Dad's surprise 90th afteroon tea on Sunday. There are twenty five family and friends on the guest list and I have undertaken to feed them all. How hungry can they be at 3pm? Surely they will have had lunch before they arrive?

My Mum, who has flitted off for a holiday in Darwin, gave me some retro recipes before she left. One involved tinned asparagus and white bread and another hard boiled eggs and curry powder. Hmm. After much deliberation for the afternoon tea we've decided on a cake table spread to include the birthday cake to be made by Kim's Mum, the old de rigeur brownies and vanilla biscuits with cumquat. Then my free, however not particularly skilled waiting staff, aka my children, are going to offer around smoked salmon tartlets, caramelised onion mini pizzas and gougeres. I shall take photos.

As I'm typing this I'm beginning to panic that I may have to add in something else? My in laws are vegetarian tee - totallers so I can't get away with plying them with drink to take the edge off their appetites. Help. Any suggestions?

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