Tuesday, 22 May 2012


On Friday night we went to a dinner party. The sms invite called for dressing up as 'your favourite rock star'. I'm not very good at dressing up yet for this occasion I really tried. I donned my Sass & Bide leopard print jeans and my By Malene Birger leather biker jacket that I picked up heavily reduced on Net - a - Porter, teased my hair up and went with lots of heavy eye make up to try and look like.......Blondie. I was a tad perturbed that amongst my everyday clothes I had the wherewithal to 'dress up' in trashy eighties garb. Anyway. This was the picture I was using for reference as I got ready:


I was unsuccessful in my quest. Have you ever noticed that lots of thick black eyeliner and lots of dark eyeshadow can conspire to make make you look twenty years older than you actually are - I was trying to channel Debbie's look from her heyday back in the eighties and not how she looks now aged in her late sixties. Oh well, I managed to make my husband laugh and scare the babysitter who momentarily thought I was dressed in earnest.

The host of the party is a shocking U2 fan and had all the relevant accoutrement to make him look like Bono - he even had a U2 belt buckle, as you do. Alarm bells started ringing when his girlfriend wasn't even dressed up, neither were most of the guests. Someone asked me who I was meant to 'be'. When I told them they said that my hair wasn't blonde enough so they decided that I could morph into being Kim Wilde. The shame. She wasn't cool. Then I had to endure half an hour of party embarrassment until another couple came dressed at Rockin Rod Stewart and Rachael Hunter, and then, mercifully, I was off the hook.

One of the guests is a chef in Cairns and he cooked all the food which was delicious:

After dinner things deteriorated. There was an impromptu disco. Blondie, Saturday Night can imagine the music to which we all busted out the moves. It will take me some time to erase the memory of my husband discoing to Cold Chisel.......with a mop. My face ached from laughing so much.

When we finally managed to escape we had a bizarre 'only in Tassie' moment. We were walking home through deepest, darkest residential West Hobart, having given up trying to flag down a cab and realising that we could get home faster walking than waiting the hour threatened by the taxi company. Lo and behold, like an apparition out of the darkness drove the same taxi driver who had taken us to the party.......with his vacant light on! What are the odds? Actually quite high, in Hobart.

Yesterday, I was really sad to hear that Robin Gibb passed away in London. He and his brothers, The Bee Gees really were the Kings of Disco, like them or loathe them you would have to agree. I was playing some of their tunes in the car when I went to pick up the boys from school and I'm ashamed to admit that Felix recognised their music from his favourite episode of The Goodies. Do your children watch The Goodies too? Can your children sing along to The Bee Gees? Should I be worried?


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