Saturday, 26 May 2012


Yesterday, when the opportunity presented,  I had a bit of a  flitter around blogland. In the course of my exploration I discovered School Gate Style. I was speechless with incredulity as this blog get's over 500 hits........a day.

I will admit to being somewhat demoralised by the teeny, tiny number hits that I get. So in an attempt to see if I can attract followers or even elicit a comment, I am styling myself up as Hobart's answer to a Stay-at-Home-Mum, concerned with what I wear to pick up my children from school. Except that today's Saturday and yesterday was the last day of term. Not to be thwarted by circumstance, I am going to deem it the first day of School Holiday Style. So without further ado I give you exhibit one:

Now before you wade in, I am compelled to remind you that Hobartian's have a penchant for polar fleece and puffa's which are worn in every social situation, not only at the school gate. Track pants are also popular. I was at a party recently when a friend reminded me how there was a time when I indulged in wearing track pants in public (when I first moved to Hobart) only to have them thrown in the bin by my then boyfriend.....who is now my husband. Said friend was inspired by this (all those years ago) and has relegated hers to wearing only in the privacy of her own home. I'm happy to report that my delinquent behaviour was only very fleeting.

This morning, after much wardrobe deliberation, this is what I donned for a round trip to the hardware shop, to pick up my daughter from Irish Dancing and then for a milkshake/green tea and a book borrow at the library.

Just because it sounds so exotic, I'll start with the boots that I Paris.....almost four years ago from Comptoir des Cotonniers, when winter set in early during spring, and I hadn't packed warm shoes. They were the result of my husband reaching his limit over me complaining of cold feet.

The Hudson jeans I bought last year over the internet from Revolve , when there were vast savings to be had (these jeans from memory were $150 with free shipping - when you were able to buy them in Hobart, they set you back $400).......before international suppliers bumped up the web price for Australians. What a sad day.

Moving on, under my new jacket from Asos is a long sleeved v neck tee from Country Road. I still remember back in the day (OK...sometime in the early eighties) when I was at boarding school in Sydney, when the Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams...Are Made of This' was in the charts and when Country Road first came onto my radar (when CR pictures in magazines were plastered onto a school friends' folder). And you can still buy it.

Back to my jacket, this was my first purchase from Asos, and for a leather jacket it was inexpensive (under $200) yet it is beautifully made and envelops you in that delicious leather smell. Like a brand new, expensive car.....although I must admit that it is a dim memory for me as somedays my car smells like sweaty yoga kit or the baby's bottom and most days the leather smell is simply drowned out by some indefinable je ne said quoi smell.

The scarf was another discount internet find, it's By Malene Birger from The Outnet. I love the decadent tassels:

Don't you agree that more clothes should sport tassels? I do.

So, I wonder if this post will garner me any more followers. To date I have three. I can't believe that I just publicly typed that dismal statistic. Luckily, one of them is the really, really, really popular Jane over at Life on Planet Baby and even better she is not a personal friend that I forced to follow (although as you can tell this hasn't worked). Anyway,  Jane recently posted about blogging do's and don'ts. Number five is don't worry about your statistics. I am going to take her advice.

Must dash to workshop with my almost eleven year old daughter what to wear to a party up the road tonight.....while chipping away at the million domestic chores I need to complete before I can even set foot out the door.



  1. Bonjour, Madame mère au foyer, this is your comment :"Very funny post !" and I would gladly have put you out of your misery by becoming a follower, but the thingummy doesn't show on your blog !!??
    xxx from a fellow "I ain't got no traffic !" blogger.

  2. Oh Romy! You make me laugh. Thanks for the kind mention but you are exaggerating ☺.

    Where to start? I think you have a really original voice in Blogland, especially for down here. You know what I mean. This blog could really go somewhere.

    Your posts always amuse me. I haven't commented to date as I wasn't sure whether you wanted comments or preferred to keep it as a more private journal.

    If you add the Google Friend Connect widget to your sidebar, it would make it easier for people to follow your blog. Just a thought.

    Email me if you want to chat a bit more about this bloggy caper.

    Oh, and I hope you're enjoying your party tonight - it's freezing out! J x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Jane! And for the advice about the widget - I think I found the one you were referring to? Yes, it was freezing out last night yet it was incredibly beautiful as the sky was so clear with lots of twinkly stars. Actually hoping it's going to rain (forgive me as it seems as if it has only just stopped) as today I've finally gotten around to sprinkling lime over my box does look a tad foreboding over the mountain from my vantage point. Would love to touch base with you about blogging although maybe not just yet as we are embarking on a family road trip tomorrow for two weeks along the Great Ocean Road....and two of my children are checkers, take care. Rx

  3. I will do a link later today about your skirt and just watch the stats My life is v dull and I get 7000 hits a day on the strength of my nails and love of cooking. Who knew. Please dont worry about the numbers it means nothing at all. Meanwhile please get rid of word verification I usually won't comment if a blog has it but I i won't diss a fellow Malene devotee xxx

    1. Quelle horreur! I had no idea about word verification & would be grateful if you know how to be done with it? I set up my blog in five minutes from the kitchen bench (where I spend most of my life) feeding children & overseeing homework. My life v dull too. 7,000 hits a day - that's more than School Gate Style of whom I was already envious although I'm sure that we can be friends.......especially if you do a link to my skirt! The most hits I have ever had was when I was on the Gold Coast at a Bikram Yoga seminar and I think one day elicited 120 hits. Surely people might like my skirt more than yoga postures in extreme heat? Rx


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