Monday, 9 July 2012


My husband has recently become a MAMIL - for those of you unfamiliar with the acronym - A Middle Aged Man in Lycra. If you were to knock on my front door this sight would greet your eyes:

And this is last thing at night...all ready for a 5.30am start:

It goes without saying that we are watching Le Tour de France and cheering on Cadel Evans. When I saw The Dalai Lama's public talk in Hobart, almost three years ago, Cadel Evans (Cadel who?) introduced His Holiness. In 2008 Cadel had worn a cycling undershirt with the Tibetan flag and supported freedom for Tibet. He said: 'Trying to bring awareness of the Tibet movement is something someone in my position can do. I just feel really sorry for them. They don't harm anyone and they are getting their culture taken away from them.' I hope he wins again.

On 14 July, the stage ends at Le Cap d'Agde. A beautiful seaside resort on the Mediterranean....which is home to one of Europe's oldest and largest 'Village Naturiste'. No, not an eco town but rather a nudist colony. Over 40,000 visitors a day hang out here in peak season....they can go to the shops, the bank or even to the hairdresser....stark naked:

They are mad about naturism in this part of the South of France, there are even nudist caravan parks, if you are that way inclined....imagine. I couldn't think of anything worse.

I'm pleased to report that last week I had success at Gowans Auctions with my stingy bidding:

I was outbid on the Chinese Temple Dogs. Honestly, why would you go to a shop when you can go to an auction?



  1. Hmmmm, my husband keeps his road bike in the guest bedroom. Never mind that we have a perfectly good and secure storage area under the house, which is apparently fine for all the other bikes. Can you sense my eyes rolling? We are watching the Tour here as well. Almost every speech at our wedding included the word bike at least a dozen times. I am suitably impressed that you have been in the same room with both Cadel and the Dalai Lama! The idea of going down to the shops naked makes me feel slightly nauseous, even if everyone else is naked too. Another wave of nausea. Lastly, love your auction wins! Well done! xx

    1. What is it about men and bikes and lycra, it's almost like a virus! I think I would like a bike too....a pretty baby blue Amsterdam with a wicker basket on the front and a brown leather would also have to have a toddler seat on the back so it wouldn't go very fast. Can't complain though as before cycling it was rowing and the master's regatta year we had a family holiday in Penrith to be near the course! Memories. Although we did go to Henley where we had lunch in the marquee in the enclosure yet I was quite pregnant so had to hold back on the Pimms! Rx

  2. I couldn't be naked all day everywhere - good for those who can, but I'd feel so... well, naked!

  3. I've never heard of the term 'MAMIL' but I have one here too :) Only mine keeps his bike in our garage thankfully and his gear for the 5.30 ride is all ready to go by the back door. We are loving watching the Tour as well - it's our little winter tradition each year, hubby watches for the cycling, I watch for the scenery and history. I had no idea about the 'nudist colony' connection to the end of tonight's stage. Definitely not for me a town like that :)


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