Monday, 30 July 2012


Again today, when I got home from yoga, I was hounded by the eternal question.....what to wear? Struggling for inspiration, I decided to take a leaf out of the very glam Faux Fuchsia's book and rummaged around in the deepest, darkest depths of my find this:

My Hermes scarf. Or to give it it's full title 'Brides de gala'.....'Formal bridles', in english. This was the first thing I bought with my first pay packet after starting my first real job at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney......quite some time ago, now. I wore it everywhere. See, here I am in the Vogue social pages:

Way back in the mists of time......November, 1995. Flicking through this issue again today, there was an article about Elizabeth Hurley, who of course had just worn the Versace frock and recently become the new face of Estee Lauder. It described her as Hugh Grant's female doppelgänger.....who would have imagined way back then, that there'd be a time in the future when she'd look more like Shane Warne?  Horrors.

Luckily, the scarf came with this book showing you how to wear it:

Although, Faux Fuchsia has since introduced the gorgeous MaiTai, who demonstrates on video, no less, inspiring ways to tie your Hermes scarf. Today, for old times sake, I used the book and decided I'd wear it like this:

By doing this:

Et Voila:

The same! Easy....even I could pull together this knot. So, I accessorised my scarf with my new colourless jeans which had just arrived from the Outnet:

I was having a conversation with Tobes in his room while I took this photo....he was in the process of being messy. Minutes afterwards, I was sitting on the only patch of rug that you could see, playing with his train set.....maybe white jeans are as impractical as my husband took great pleasure in pointing out. Time will tell.

Of course it was only nine degrees outside with snow on Mt Wellingtons, so in order to leave the house and brave the elements, I had to totally cover over my ensemble with a 3/4 length trench coat....and boots.

Yesterday, Mimi and I took some of her friends to Hadley's Hotel in town for 'High Tea' to celebrate her birthday. We dressed the part:

My only other 'High Tea' experience was years ago in London at Brown's wasn't quite the same. This was the Hobart version:

The girls had fun nevertheless, especially when they started concocting their own flavours of tea....with scone. As one of the girls quipped....'from posh to not'.


PS My husband can't believe that I've enticed 50 followers to my blog! Hurrah! And thank you, each and every one of you. If you've been holding back, it's not too late. But the clock is ticking....if you hurry and become a follower in the next 24 hours you can still be in with a chance to win the giveaway!


  1. A fellow Outnet lover. I've never been brave enough to try buying jeans though - mostly I'm addicted to looking longingly at stilt high shoes that I would never wear, and settle for ballet flats and boots. That vintage scarf (am I allowed to say vintage?) is gorgeous. I could desperately do with your book on how to tie them though. Yours looks ever so chic and mine always looks more girl guide tie!

  2. You look tres chic in your Hermes Remy. You are obviously the fashionista, having appeared in the Vogue Social pages no less! I find white jeans practical. You can use a lot of bleach, so they are never permanently stained. My only problem with them is that I usually end up with a grubby mark mid shin level from leaning into the car to buckle up seatbelts...and as that happens first thing in the morning, that's it for the day. Mimi has such a cute outfit on for her birthday too - hope she had fun xx

  3. Wow Vogue social pages - mega impressed!
    I'm very scared to get our power bill. It has been so cold this year. I've had the heat pump on 24/7 too.
    Ally x

  4. Hi Romy,
    Quickly a note to say Hi, I found your blog through Jane's and through googling for other Tasmanian bloggers. I have just started too, cataloguing the farm adventure!
    You have a lovely blog and I shall definitely keep reading!

  5. Hooray for Hermes! Trust me, here in France, women WEAR them. As not just sitting in the box for a special occasion so bravo and a good reminder for me to do the same. :) And my oh my, I think that all of us would be all too happy to have been in Vogue once in our lives, non? :)

  6. Oh wow to own a Hermes scarf is such an amazing thing! I'm so impressed! I absolutely ADORE how it comes with its own instructions!!

    I love high teas! I wanted one for my birthday but my Bubby was only 6 weeks old at the time so it didn't really happen! My mother went to one in some fancy hotel in Hong Kong that I am sure I am meant to remember the name of and now all high teas aren't the same for her either!!!


  7. Your scarf is gorgeous and you look fabulous wearing it! I always look like I am playing dress ups when I am trying to wear a scarf, I must have a look at MaiTai's blog for some ideas! I adore wearing white and as the mother of little boys have just decided to deal with it. Napisan made into a paste is very effective as is drying in full sunshine, not that we see it that often in Sydney these days. So impressed you were in the Vogue social pages! My little one is even more impressed by your Thunderbird 2 toy. Happy Birthday to Mimi and I love both your High Tea outfits! xx

  8. thanks for the shoutout!!! Love the scarf x

  9. Loving the know, Romy. You must show me how to do it ☺. J x

  10. Hi Romy, I enjoy reading your blog. You have a great turn of phrase and you make me giggle :-) I also love that our lives are so different. I expect a book from you one day my dear cousin! Xx


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