Thursday, 12 July 2012


I have been on a roller coaster ride of 40th birthday parties lately. It makes me sad to think that everyone will turn 41 next year and the constant stream of invites will dry up. I don't know about you, but that's the only reason I check the the hope of discovering a party invitation.

I have an invitation for a 40th birthday party this weekend. The birthday girl has been texting me madly to remind me to get onto the Vitamin B in preparation for the aftermath of her party. I might add, this is the same friend who organised our trip to The Golden Door health retreat where we weren't allowed to drink alcohol or even caffeine.....for a whole week. We didn't, yet we did celebrate with bubbly on the plane on the way home.....I was cured of coffee, though. Today, I went into the health food shop in the village to stock up on Vitamin B:

Of course, you always have to offer an explanation and didn't I feel like a right royal idiot admitting that it was to ward of any excesses that may be incurred on Saturday night. I got the tablets and my husband and I took our first dose over lunch today. I wonder if it will work? Hope so. Will let you know.

Have been last minute workshopping what I'm going to wear. Am thinking I might go with my By Malene Birger ostrich feather skirt yet I don't think that the right top is in my wardrobe.....yet. So on a mission, I used the window of opportunity between picking up one boy and the next from school to whip into town. Being Hobart I got a park right out the front of the shop. I think I've mentioned before that I am determined, through on the job training, to make both of my boys able to do the whole ladies - change - room thing. Here's Tobes pulling back the curtain to expose me to the whole shop:

Obviously, he needs more work. I think I may have found the top though:

It's Wheels and Dollsbaby. This is how it looks on their website:

Utterly fabulous! Not the same as on me. Am pondering whether I should give it a go anyway.....maybe it would look better with a black bra rather than a black camisole?! Who am I kidding. Might go and try it on again tomorrow.....just in case.



  1. Love that you admitted to the health shop employee that you were buying vitamin B in order to prevent future hangovers! Priceless! My shopping assistant/stylist/sidekick also thinks it is hilarious to whip the curtain open at inconvenient moments. Years of work ahead of me there I think! x

  2. As a fellow Hobart girl I spot a Luxe changeroom!


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