Monday, 16 July 2012


Seeing the party on Saturday night was two and a half hours away in Launceston, I thought it was safe to give the By Malene Birger ostrich feather skirt another outing. And yes, to complete the ensemble, I bought the see through Wheels and Dollbaby shirt which I brazenly wore with a black bra and fishnet stockings : 

This was earlier the same day, in the change room at Myer, trying on bra's:

Another friend and I were the entertainment.....we had to do the speech:

I had been asked at a weak moment.....while sitting in a bar wearing the pink bridesmaid dress I'd worn to the prospective birthday girl's wedding, ten years before. Of course, I'd had to say yes.

It was an utterly fabulous party:

And so much fun reverting to twenty one year old style behaviour:

And I reckon all the Vitamin B I consistently took beforehand might just have worked if we hadn't cruelled it by staying out and about in downtown Launceston until 2am. Yes 2am. Impressively late by my standards. It was well and truly hours passed my bedtime.....I usually turn into a pumpkin by 11pm.

Happy birthday again, Sim!



  1. Can we wind back the clock so I can come? Looks like a brilliant party and everyone is very nicely dressed.

    I love the outfit, as black is my favourite colour! You look terrific!

    And that cake... just gorgeous!



  2. You look fabulous and have veery glamourous looking friends! I am suitably impressed that you were out until 2am! xx

  3. And this is how small Hobart is - I know that lovely lady on your right in the second last photo! Mel x


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