Saturday, 18 August 2012


So, of course I made the fatal mistake after writing my last post and found Rupert Holmes' 'Escape' otherwise known as the 'Pina Colada' song, stuck in my head. For two days now it has been my constant accompaniment.....on the yoga mat, in the car doing the school run, cooking dinner, in bed last thing at night......EVERYWHERE....there has been no escape. Looking on the bright side, mercifully, it's not something by the Wiggles. My children are sick of hearing me sing it out loud '.....I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne.....' If somehow you don't remember the song or the lyrics, here they are.....and Happy Christmas, thank me later! 

So, I've realised that as much as I love this song, I actually do have a few problems with some of the lyrics.

Let's start with the beginning of the chorus......'If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain'. I'm sure that I have had a Pina Colada, yet I can't pinpoint exactly when. Let's face it, Hobart really doesn't have the climate for Pina Colada drinking, it's far too it must have been somewhere warm, yet usually when we go on hols to exotic climes we are too busy drinking our duty free quota of Bombay Sapphire and tonic. And on the odd occasions when I have found myself on a tropical island, I try to make a pact with myself and drink drinks by the pool out of a coconut. However, when wearing a bikini, I'm not inclined to go for something laced with coconut cream. So, I'm confident that regardless of not being a big Pina Colada drinker in the past, I would like Pina Colada's......yet getting caught in the rain is another story all together.....rain makes my hair go curly and that is NOT a good look.

Then we move into 'If you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain'. Again, more fundamental problems here as I am SO into far this week I've been on the mat five times with possibly another turn tomorrow. And I'm hoping that I still have maybe, just possibly, half a brain.

Followed by 'If you like making love at midnight in the dunes on the cape'. Where to go with this....I have four children....yet midnight is a bit too late for me, especially when I have to get up so early in the morning, EVERY morning. Enough said. Where, I wonder, are the dunes on the cape? Must be somewhere conducive to this kind of behaviour....again, it's too cold in Hobart, where the wind blows directly from Antarctica. Even at night in summer, it is too cold to venture outside without at least a cardie.

And finally, 'I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne'. Again, more issues. I'm afraid that I am into health food. We have the best health food shop around the corner in the village and I venture there a couple of times a week....usually to ask about such burning issues as whether vitamin B helps prevent a hangover or if it's true that Flaxseed Oil boosts your metabolism. Every day I drink this:

However, on weekends I try to drink champagne....except that the price is a tad prohibitive. I long to be in France where you can buy it at the supermarket for AUD$30....sigh. Of course I couldn't take ultimate advantage last time I was there as I was pregnant and the French have a zero tolerance to drinking during pregnancy. Even champagne. Yet, I cling to happy memories of being in France ten years ago and making a pilgrimage to Champagne...Moet, Veuve Cliquot, Laurent Perrier.....where non vintage was retailing for around AUD$20. We were like children in a lolly shop. It wasn't until on the plane home that we started to panic that we were going to have to leave it all at Australian Customs as the import duty would be too expensive. Somehow, the baby in the pram got us through. Surely it's a good thing to be into health food.....and champagne?

Anyway, seeing it's Saturday night, and before I totally wind up on the subject of 70's disco music, I thought that I'd share one more song and confession......I still nurse the fantasy of donning a strapless tiger print frock and doing the Jerry Hall cameo in the 'Lets Stick Together' clip:

Don't you? Enjoy what's left of the weekend!



  1. Oh Romy - I have had Sheen Easton stuck in my head since your last post. The kids have told me to stop singing it.....!

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Nice white shoes Mr Ferry! Wonder what he meant by
    "But now you never miss your water 'til your well runs dry"??

  3. I am going to have the "pina colada" song (is it really called Escape?) stuck in my head now!!! A school friend had several babies whilst living in Paris and her OB recommended that she have a small glass of red wine and 2 squares of dark chocolate everyday whilst pregnant. When she inquired why, he responded that it was for the "morale!" xx

  4. Yes, you're right - the lyrics to that song just don't make sense when thought about, but it is a good old song...and stuck in my head now as well!
    Amanda x

  5. Oh Romy, this is hilarious. You have mu giggling. But I've *so* not going to click on either of these as I don't want to have them stuck in my head, thankyou! J x

  6. Never knew it is called escape. Loooove, loooove it. Not sure about flirtatious in the dunes of the sands...

  7. Romy! Much excitement in my household today as my prize arrived!!! I love it. Thank you so much for so generously remaking the compote and for the gorgeous book. I'm looking forward to pouring over those glorious homes. Needless to say heritage homes are sadly not abundant in Mackay! In your honour tonight I will be serving Mr Mac "pork chops in mustard sauce" followed by vanilla bean ice cream and cumquat compote. Thank you! Jx

  8. Hi Romy,
    Read your comment on Jane's blog re Midnight in Paris....I love that movie:)
    This post is so witty...I too have vital greens in my pantry!

  9. Hi Romy - a late late comment from me - I have been following (loyally but very quietly) - introduced by Jane G. Of course I am almost a Hobart housewife. I was a Hobart kid, teen, student and twenty something - and then left and only return now for holidays. Many holidays. Of course we seem to know many of the same people but that's Tasmania!! Law school might be our common link...
    I used to be a faithful blogger but now seem to half write posts and just lurk on my favourite blogs. I blame work, pinterest, twitter and instagram... and am planning a great blog overhaul and comeback. Sometime.
    Love your blog - I'll be reading and occasionally sticking my oar in! Ann x


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