Friday, 3 August 2012


The night before last we got the babysitter in so that we could go out......yes, on a Wednesday night. We had an invitation to the Light the Night Launch. Sadly, Hobart isn't getting a walk this year, if you want to participate you have to host your own. I'm not quite sure how this would work.....with my husband and children out on the lawn in the backyard....the Leukaemia Foundation suggest that you can have a bbq. We are on the case though, Felix did a fundraising magic concert for the boys at his school on Wednesday and raised $36 to be shared between the Leukaemia Foundation and the MS Society. Well done Fe! His next performance is for the kinders.

It is like a well timed military manoeuvre getting ready to go out in this house......especially at 5.30pm. Needless to say, I am usually exhausted by the time I've fed and watered the troops, cleaned up for the babysitter and sorted out their bed attire and going out is the last thing I want to do......but then euphoria usually hits at the bottom of the driveway.

I cooked my stand by dinner that I save for such occasions......'Pasta with Bacon, Peas and Cheese'. A recipe which I bastardised from a Delicious magazine from about 10 years ago. The original also called for such ingredients as cream and a specific French cheese. My version bears little resemblance to the original as it has been pared back to as far as it can go. Mercifully, all of my children love it, even the baby. Here is the recipe in case you have plans over the weekend:

*Cook a packet of spiral pasta.

*6 minutes before it is ready, tip in almost a packet of organic peas and two chopped rashers of organic, free range bacon.

*When it the timer goes off, drain and stir through chopped parsley and grated cheese to taste.

*Serve.....and run upstairs to get dressed.

The essential ingredient in the recipe is the free range, organic bacon......because the factory farming of pigs is CRUEL. Last weekend a young animal rights protester spent 24 hours in a farrowing crate on the lawns outside Parliament House in Hobart to highlight the cruelty involved in the horror that is  factory farming pigs. Read about it here.

My delivery from The Outnet arrived in time for me to wear this:

The dress is strapless bronze sequins By Malene if I could wear that out on a wintery night in Hobart....I had to accessorise it with a black skivvy, black Sass and Bide jeans and a black linen jacket from Asos as well as wrap a pashmina from somewhere in the Crawford Market in Mumbai around my neck....for extra warmth.

I spend most of my time disappointed that Hobart is so daggy. Yet there are places in town that can quite convincingly delude you that Hobart really is hip, cool and After the launch we went for a drink at Sidecar:

This is one of those places, but seeing that it is an offshoot of Garagistes it shouldn't come as a surprise. And then we headed in the direction of Remi de Provence for dinner because coincidentally, Wednesday night is cassoulet night:

Can you tell that our foray into teetotalling vegetarianism is over?

PS I have tried to email JMAC, the winner of my Giveaway, through Google Friend Connect twice no avail. JMAC, if you are reading this, and I have every reason to believe that you will as you are a bona fide follower, please get in touch with me so that I can send you your prize. However, if I can't flush you out over the weekend, I might have to redraw. 



  1. I have been planning a visit to Garagistes after hearing 100s of wonderful things about the place... my cousin tells me it ruins food for him because now he compares every meal he has to the lovely meals he has had there!!!

    I make a very similar pasta comfort meal at our house except without the peas so now I'm going to try it with peas next time! One thing that does work well is also adding leek to the mix!

  2. It all looks much more sophisticated than it was 18 years ago!!!!!

  3. How was Remi de Provence? My boyfriend & I were just saying today we might go there for our anniversary dinner in a couple of weeks. I went there with a friend a couple of years ago and really liked it, but boyfriend hasn't ever been there. I wanted to go to Le Proven├žal (after reading about it a while back on your blog!) but it isn't open on Tuesdays :(

  4. You've got to love a good go-to recipe that everyone will eat. Mine is a fried rice, originally a Bill's recipe, but also customized just a little! Out fit looks great. Love the Outnet! I have to get braver with my shopping, I tend to play it safe, but you're inspiring me to move on from the shoe section!

  5. It breaks my heart to hear of the horrific conditions some animals have to endure. Free range it must and should only be. You look gorgeous, can't wait to see you wear your fabulous frock out properly when the weather warms up a bit! x

  6. We must do cassoulet night together, Romy! J x


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