Wednesday, 8 August 2012


So this morning I had to miss out on my daily fix of Bikram Yoga because one week after being vaccinated against chicken pox, my baby has it. Apparently, contracting the actual disease is sometimes a side effect of a live vaccine. Thank God it wasn't polio....or meningococcal. So, there was no time in the hot room for me today......I wonder if my children will notice when they get home from school. They encourage my yoga addiction as it makes my tolerance threshold to everything that they can throw at me much higher. Honestly, Bikram Yoga is miraculous.

On the way home from the yoga studio, I'm ashamed to admit that I went grocery shopping even though I was wearing my yoga kit and hadn't brushed my hair. I was a tad paranoid as I had had a comment left on my blog last night by someone who had recognised me in the supermarket, last week. Of course you wouldn't read about it, but I actually bumped into this VERY SAME person in a carpark lift in town, later on today. Mercifully, I had gotten changed and brushed my hair by then:

I was hanging out the first load of washing at 8.45am this morning when I received this sms.....'Nice photo in the paper'. Here's the proof:

Funny how a photo in the 'Out and About' section of the paper still makes me jittery......years and years after a group of friends and I went to a party underage. Naughtily, and I know this now that I have my own daughters, we flagrantly lied to our parents about where we were going....only to have ourselves exposed by a photo in the social pages of the paper the next morning. Damning evidence. I'm sure that nobody else misspent their youth?



  1. After reading this I rushed to get the paper out of the recycling bin so that I could see your photo!! :)

    I am very jealous of your bikram addiction! I wish I was so healthy as to have a regular exercise addiction like you!

  2. One of the Mum's at the boys tennis lessons set up a Bikram studio here in Sydney and she looks FABULOUS so I am now convinced. I hope I don't pass out....

    Gorgeous photo of you in the social pages! xx

  3. I tried to get on the Bikram band wagon but it just wasn't for me! I am more of a pilates girl! Good thing there are so many options these days!

    Hope your baby gets over the chicken pox soon!

  4. Not sure what bikram yoga is but like the thought of it being addictive! I'll have to check it out x

  5. Oh Romy, poor little poppet. I hope you can stop her scratching - good luck. And a fab photo, you stunner ☺. J x

  6. So sorry to hear she has the chicken pox - I hope she is well soon. When I lived in Colorado, everyone walked around in the their workout clothes all day - it meant you were healthy and worked out that day. In England, people change out of their workout clothes before going into public. You look fab, BTW!

  7. Actually you could not get polio or menigococcal from a vaccine as they are both dead vaccines (or more accurately, bits of protein from the bacteria/virus themselves)... the only other live vaccine in the schedule is measles, and it is a very mild strain, as is the chicken pox vaccine. Even if you do get the vaccine strain of disease, you get the immunity without the severity of the "real" disease. Hope your daughter gets better soon!

  8. Thanks so much for putting my mind at can tell they my university education was in art history and not science or medicine! Happy to report that she is on the mend! Rx


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