Tuesday, 28 August 2012


This morning it was a little bit sunny here in Hobart so I put on last summer's $20 leopard print espadrilles and my purple J Brand jeans. Here I am standing on the zebra skin rug:

It seems like in the last five minutes, my baby has moved up to the biggest size of Nature Babycare nappies. So fast. There's no denying that when you have children you can see time passing right before your very eyes. At the speed of light. I've tried pretending that it isn't happening.....yet my eldest daughter can fit into my shoes.

This was the view from my shopping trolley last week:

And this was the same view this time last year:

As Stevie Nicks sings in Fleetwood Mac's song 'Landslide' '........Children get older/I'm getting older too'........and I'm nearly forty one.....already. My age is a dead giveaway by my embarrassing taste in music.

Anyway, all of my anti ageing hopes for the future are vested in Bikram Yoga, my Clarisonic and vegetables. Fingers crossed they produce nothing short of miraculous results. Although in the last couple of weeks I've had cause to question doing Bikram Yoga 5-6 times a week in a room artificially heated to 40 degrees. It may have caused all of those tiny spider veins on my legs exacerbated by pregnancy to astonishingly vanish yet it is also responsible for giving me rosacea. From time to time the heat brings on a nasty red rash on my face which is difficult to shift.

Luckily, we have a fantastic health food shop just around the corner:

So I visit it often. So often that the staff there can identify all of my children by name. Curiously enough today I came away with dishwashing liquid, organic oats and......memory booster loose leaf tea. A spontaneous purchase. It says on the packet 3-4 cups a day. I hope that it works too.



  1. I think I need some memory booster tea..... honestly my brain is mush now. I tend to think though that a decent, uninterrupted nights sleep might do the trick. If one of my children doesn't wake me, my husband is on an early flight somewhere, or, as in last night, we had a mouse in our bedroom that woke me rustling in some tissue paper in the dressing room (yuck, off to set the's been a bad year for mice). Do you find the Clarisonic good?

    1. A good night's sleep is a rescue remedy for everything and I know what I'm talking about! Ashamed to admit that neither of my youngest two children slept through the night until they were well and truly over one. Mercifully these days they all do, and this is good because, for me, lack of sleep made me look a thousand years is so prematurely ageing! That's why I had to get a Clarisonic, which is not a miracle worker yet it is good.My husband laughed himself senseless when I first bought it.....yet he now uses it too so I suppose that he must be noticing results! Rx

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    1. Thank you and would you believe they came from Tarjay (aka Target)?!

  3. Oh I adore Fleetwood Mac. Caroline and Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow are two of my absolute favourite songs!!! Jojoba Oil hoped me with rosacea. I use it as a moisturiser. And to echo Heidi... is the clarisonic good? xx

  4. I have just recently started using jojoba oil and think it may be making a difference. Fingers crossed. And yes, I would recommend the clarisonic....I use it with just water and while the results aren't in the same category as botox, it's as close as I'm going to get! Rx


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