Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Last night I went on a date with my husband. My mum is staying so we were making the most of the free babysitting and I have to say that it is liberating to be able to just walk out the door. Usually I have to exhaustingly have them all fed and pyjamaed beforehand. Not last night.

Because we are totally predictable we went and had dinner here:

Ever since we returned from our whirlwind tour of India, almost two months ago, we have been taste testing our way around Hobart's Indian Restaurants with the single minded intention of finding Hobart's best Indian Restaurant. We have come to the following conclusion - that either of the Annapurna Restaurant's win the title (either North Hobart or Salamanca) yet you have to dine in and the best meal to order is this:

The Annapurna Thali. It is a tasting plate of three curries that the chef randomly combines at whim along with rice, roti, raita and papadum. Unfortunately, they don't offer a takeaway Thali so you have to dine in - maybe it's for the best as the roti is still warm and puffy, not tepid and claggy the way it gets having spent time in the foil lined bag in the car on the way home.

See, it looks quite similar to the Thali we ate in our room at the divine Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur:

When I wore my beautiful pink sari:

I wore jeans and not the sari last night. While the food at Annapurna is good even though the fashion may be extremely casual unfortunately the view out the window just can't compete with the view from the Lake Palace:

Today, after four days of hedonistic Christmas carry on, I was back in the hot room. I regretted every mince tart, chocolate and glass of wine that I had consumed on my four day hiatus. At standing bow pose I started feeling dizzy and the tops of my ears tingled. How will it be tomorrow?


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