Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Today, Tobes went to school and I wagged Bikram Yoga and drove the rest of us to Launceston so that I could go out to lunch. On a map of Tassie, Hobart and Launceston are at geographically opposite ends of the state, one north, one south, 200 kilometres apart. It's possible to drive between the two extremites to do something as fickle as lunch.

In  Aussie slang, of course, a map of Tassie is also more than just a map of Tassie. If you aren't familiar with every schoolboy's favourite joke - consider the shape. A girl I went to school with has great fun with the double entendre and makes Map of Tassie Necklaces for expat Tasmanian girls nostalgic for home. It's all in terribly good taste though - apparently she has supplied the Royal House in Europe  which has the Tasmanian connection. Nicole Kidman also supposedly has a more sedate map of Australia necklace.

Anyway, I digress. I had lunch here at Pierre's in George Street:

We decided that we would frock up, so I wore this Collette Dinnigan dress I found in Melbourne and not Paris as people instantly assume because of the fabric. Out of necessity I had to wear a jacket, as when I left Hobart this morning it was cold and summery (as usual):

The occasion was to catch up with my best friend from school and meet her new beautiful new baby:


We had such a nice time. I really should drive north more. We both ate the special salad:

It was beef with tomato, mushroom, olive and onion and had scrambled egg on top. It was a curious combination.

Here's a confession - way back when, I went to school in Launceston. On my walk back to recue my Mum (who still lives there) from my children, I coincidentally bumped into not one, not two but three girls I went to school with. Twenty two years later. That's Tassie for you, I suppose.

I also walked past the pub where I spent an awful lot of time in my misspent youth, mostly with the friends I saw today.

These days I can't remember the last time I went to any pub. Maybe it's time to organise a trip down memory lane. 

And I still got home to Hobart in time to pick up Tobes from school.


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