Tuesday, 20 December 2011


So we agreed to meet Kim in town at 2.30pm for this years ubiquitous Santa photo. He'd scheduled us in his diary. By the time I'd ironed, brushed hair, removed poo and found shoes, we were late. Luckily when the carpark lift door opened, there was Kim. Phew.

We ended up with this:

Yet, only after lots of this:

Santa's helpers who take the photos are quite well equipped to deal with screaming babies. They know every trick in the book. no avail as there was no way Camelia was sitting on Santa's knee!

And this was how they all looked same time last year with Pere Noel at Polygone, Beziers:

That Pere Noel needed that heavy suit and gloves as they made him sit in this sleigh outside in the weather. A world away from Santa at Myer in Hobart who needs a fan.

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