Saturday, 24 December 2011


So yesterday went by without a post. In my defense I was busy building up yoga credit and making this:

Which Nigella calls an 'Easy Action Christmas Cake' on page 92 in Feast. It really works fabulously as a last minute fruit cake and interestingly has a secret ingredient - chestnut puree. Luckily my corner shop sells it.

I have only just this minute finished it off by glazing it with this:

Which I am also hoping will also do double duty and work well with foie gras and toasted brioche.

Now my cake is all glazed and patterned with almonds it looks like this:

It's all ready for tomorrow and sitting in the pantry next to Jean Pascal mince tarts:

And  Jackman and McRoss mince tarts:

I can't really blame my lack of a post yesterday on yoga and baking. Time to fess up. After my baking frenzy the whole family wandered up the road to a drinks party. And that was the real reason that I didn't get around to posting yesterday - I was drinking bubbly and chatting and didn't get home until after midnight. 'Tis the season and all that.


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