Friday, 16 December 2011


Firstly, look what made it to our house today for the grand sum of $80 - the chrome smokers tray. Being utterly opposed to smoking I almost didn't leave a bid however without the smoking paraphernalia on top you really would never guess what it's intended function was.

I think it looks very well in the living room, next to one of my grandmother's armchairs:

As she was a dedicated smoker maybe there is a certain symmetry to the placement.

I have set myself the challenge of posting every day for a month to see where it takes me. It is day three and already I am struggling. It is also after 8pm on Friday and after 3 days of school holidays I am almost mute and totally lacking inspiration.

So, will I succeed? On the positive side, the last challenge I set myself was back in August when I completed a Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge - I got the half price membership to prove it. Even better, I didn't stop at 30 days - I kept going for 63 days in a row. I gave myself the first day off to host my 40th birthday party. It was an incredible birthday gift to give myself. Over that time physically I diminished 10 centimetres around my waist, lost 6 kilos and gave myself a rather nasty rosacea rash (thankfully it has cleared up). And mentally, I got to know my inner voice better which gave me calmness, confidence and clarity.


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