Sunday, 24 June 2012


On Friday night I went to dinner at my husband's club:

Where we spent the evening bidding on Wimbledon tennis players. I'm still trying to work out why.

Last night we are went to the IXL Long Bar down at the waterfront for a drink with friends who were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary:

I was their matron of honour. At the last minute I dug out the pink frock I wore same time ten years ago......and decided to wear it as a surprise:

Yes, I wore this out in public on a Saturday night:

You can't tell but I strategically had a whole other outfit on underneath. So after the hysterical laughter and incredulity wore off I channelled Abba and whipped off the skirt and top to reveal bar going attire..........and stowed the folded bridesmaid kit in my handbag:

When we celebrated our own tenth wedding anniversary, a few years ago, we threw a party. This was the photo on the invite:

Our balcony kiss.....on the veranda of my parent's house in Launceston. No palace for me...even though I too, met my future husband in a pub.

We made our guests dress up in what they had worn to their own wedding. Funnily enough, one couple didn't. She chose to sport a black dress. Six months later she left him. The warning signs had been there. My wedding frock was an ivory silk Mariana Hardwick number that I had chosen in Melbourne two weeks before I traipsed down the aisle. Yes, I know that I left it to the last minute.....people were starting to get twitchy. It wasn't through want of trying, my mum had made it her mission to make me try on every single wedding dress in Tasmania.

Back to the party. We had the chaplain from our son's school renew our vows. It was a secret. We introduced him and his wife to everyone as they arrived and after a few drinks he tapped his glass, pulled out his dog collar and performed the ceremony......while everybody giggled uncontrollably. I gave my dress a second outing yet left off the veil and accessorised with a pretend fur wrap:


Then we went for a romantic second honeymoon to the uber cool Karma Kandara in Bali:

 With our three children.


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  1. LO-VE-LY ! Lucky you to be able to still wear your outfits after ten years and three children !

    1. Merci beaucoup! I really do a LOT of yoga to make sure that I can frock up.....although, to be honest, I really don't get that many opportunities to dress up in my wedding or bridesmaid dresses all that often! Rx

  2. Ah Romy, you really make me laugh. And that looks like my Law School classmate, Simone. Hobart is such a small place ☺. J x

  3. This is truly romantic stuff! How wonderful and how fantastic! You are as slim as you were the day you got married.

    I love all the photos... I can see you have a veryhappy life, surrounded by love and friendship. WONDERFUL!


    1. Thank you, Anna. Yes, I am so grateful to be surrounded by love and friendship. Better just clarify that most days I'm not dressed up in long silk dupion gowns - jeans are my standard attire. I have been contemplating turning the pink dress into cushions.....Rx

  4. That is very impressive that you fit into and wore the old bridesmaid dress - and even more impressive that you wore your own wedding dress to your ten year anniversary. I would have been a guest at your party that wouldn't be in my wedding dress though....I could barely fit into the dress on the day (it was unbelievably tight) and after three children & 12 years I would have to have a couple of ribs removed to get into it now! I met my husband in a pub as well. Sadly he doesn't have royal connections either!

  5. Hi Romy Me again. You are such a classic. I love your sense of humour. Thanks so much for joining the POTMC. J x

  6. What a great story! Love it! Newest follower via Post Of The Month Club, Laura

  7. Thanks Laura, glad you enjoyed it! And deliriously happy welcome my newest follower! Rx


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