Thursday, 28 June 2012


It really is very unglamorous being me. Today, I thought it was going to be different as I had a long overdue hairdressers appointment. At 7.50am it was cancelled. This was just after I came inside from chasing our very elderly beagles around the garden in my dressing gown and ugg boots with a cake tin (one which I never use, I'd better add) in the quest for samples of their urine. Without going into too much detail, the poor old darlings are incontinent and I'm afraid that my marriage is at risk due to arguing over who's turn it is to clean up dog pee. At a party on Friday night, even though I was wearing a dress with sparkles, I found myself having a conversation about this very problem....which can apparently be easily fixed with a tablet. I am going to get those tablets....even if I have to subject myself to such undignified behaviour first thing in the morning.

And then my baby has hand, foot and mouth disease. It sounds like a fatal diagnosis yet according to my GP it is quite common and not very serious yet it is infectious enough that she needed to wag her one day of the week at creche. I must say that to me it looks serious....some of the sores are as I imagine the first stages of leprosy must look. Luckily I'm not a doctor. She seems quite happy though:

This afternoon, after I engaged in the glorified chauffeuring that is picking my children up from school, the car just happened to drive itself out to Gowans Auctions. Look at some of the bits and pieces on offer tomorrow:

I'm contemplating indulging in some absentee bidding, as we'll be at the vet with the beagles, hopefully one step closer to the tablets.



  1. I think you are very glamorous x

  2. Hope the baby improves from Hand foot and mouth disease soon! Someone told me once that 90% of adults have had it as children, but some get it worse than others....

    I like the look of the things at the auction house - there's obviously been a kitchen cleaned out somewhere. Love all the copper pots. And the butterflies are very on trend as well.

    Ps word verification is still on the comments - I think you said you thought you'd got rid of it, but thought you'd like to know its still on....

  3. Ah Romy, it's a horrid condition. We've had it a few times. I hope she's lover it soon. Loving those butterflies at Gowans, not to mention the books. We should meet there for a perusal one day! J x PS Let me know if you want to know how to turn off word veri.

  4. Do let us know what you've bought ; and don't worry about looking unglamorous, we (as in : the French, not we, the Queen) wear them outside while shopping in our glamorous Parisian shops. We forsake the dressing-gown and cake tin though ! Good luck with the dogs !xx

  5. Good news....hand,foot and mouth is a thing of the past.....bad news I missed out on EVERYTHING I bid on at the husband heaved a sigh of relief.....I'll just have to go again this week! Rx

  6. My oldest looked like he had the worst case of cold sores ever when he had hand, foot and mouth, the second had two tiny sores on his hands... glad to hear she is feeling better! Those butterflies at Gowans are fabulous. I am super envious of whoever got to take those home! How are the beagles? x

  7. Sorry to hear you lost out on the Butterflies. I know how you love your Taxidermy! You could be an honorary Oklahoman.


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