Wednesday, 27 June 2012


So today I was telling my husband how, so far, my most popular posts have been when I have worn something a bit outrageous out in public. Remember the feathery skirt and the ten year old pink bridesmaids dress? I asked him for suggestions......he said that I should wear a bikini to pick up our children from school. I kid you not. Needless to say, I didn't.

Instead, here are some photo's of the inside of my house:

Which has an interesting pedigree, having been built 100 years ago for one of Henry Jones' nine daughters....he also had three boys. Henry Jones is one of Hobart's favourite sons, the other being Errol Flynn but he didn't live in my house....he lived two doors down the road. Any Hobartian will tell you that Henry Jones started pasting labels on tins at the Jam Factory down at the waterfront when he was a child and by the time he turned thirty he owned the place. He changed the factory's name to IXL - I excel at everything I do - and you can still buy a derivation of this iconic jam brand at the supermarket.....except that it's now owned by SPC.

These days the Jam Factory has been gussied up to be the fancy Henry Jones Art Hotel:

And the University of Tasmania's Centre for the Arts. Which is where I came to do post graduate work when I quit my job at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney and moved to Hobart.

Have you seen that email telling you about how most expensive lipstick brands contain lead which causes breast cancer? It explains there is a test that you can do where you put lipstick on your hand and then rub it with a gold ring. If it turns black then it contains lead and is poisonous. I tested the two old Lancome lipsticks that I had in my handbag and nothing happened. And then yesterday I took possession of my latest order from Strawberry Net. Inside was a beautiful new Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick which I duly submitted to the test. It turned black. Panic stations. And then, to my intense relief,  I found this website which addresses the concerns listed in the email.....which started doing the rounds way back in 2003. Further proof of how behind we are here in Hobart.



  1. Harriett lawrence27 June 2012 at 22:45

    My favorite blogs from you Romy are about the artful way you make kid wrangling so interesting by your honesty and candid recollection of the everyday issues we all have to deal with as mums. Ps love your work!!!!!

  2. Your home is divine! I could fit the entire Fuchsiadome into your stairwell. Because it is postage stamp sized. I do not excel at everything. More's the pity x

    1. Thanks!....My home is also housework hell. I long for small and modern. Talk about taking the family motto (IXL) to extremes, Mabel, for whom the house was built apparently carved the lions heads and gargoyles herself! Imagine. Can't say I excel either, most days it's a stuggle to make sure all of my children are wearing clean underpants before they leave the house. Rx

  3. Thanks!.....So I'll definitely leave the bikini in the drawer?....It's a tad cold here today! Rx

  4. What a gorgeous home Romy! And yes, it is not because we live in dramatic places that our lives are mega glamorous! We have to deal with life too!! :)

  5. Your house is gorgeous and I am amazed that Mabel (great name!) carved the heads, I wonder how she learnt how to do it? ! x


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