Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Look, this morning there was snow on Mt Wellington:

Although it's difficult to see as the top of the mountain has been shrouded in cloud for most of the day. Don't worry though as the temperature is still in double digits (only just).

Three of my children went back to school today (yes, two were wearing shorts). One was so keen to go that she had already left by the time I took this photo:

The one that riffles through all drawers, puts toilet rolls in the loo and tries to stick her fingers in power points stayed at home. I was glad of her company as all of a sudden, it was lonely.

As usual, I left all back to school preparation until the last minute. Yesterday, we did hair:

And then we had to go and buy school shoes. Yes, after only ONE term of wear the Midford school shoes that I bought at the start of the year had to go in the bin as they were worn out. So at my husband's suggestion we went to Tradewear in Elizabeth Street. This is where you would usually go to buy industrial and protective clothing if you are in a line of work that requires such clobber. So, in I go with my four children and a pram in the quest for industrial strength school shoes. We had received a tip off that the iconic Tasmanian bookmaker, Blundstone, now makes school shoes. They do, although we were nearly talked into 'the shoes that the Royal Family wear to school'. Except, they had flowers on the bottom of the soles and I wasn't sure how that would go down in an all boys school. So we bought the Blunnies and am hoping that they will last until this time next year. Fingers crossed.


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