Monday, 19 March 2012


Over the weekend I inhabited a parallel universe - one quite outside my everyday reality. It involved driving down the driveway on Saturday morning with only my husband in the car  - destination airport and Sydney:

For two days we called the Establishment Hotel in the city home:

It's nice there. How much do you love room service? I wish we had it at our place. Living in an old house which was originally built to be run by staff, we still have staff call buttons in some rooms yet sadly they were disconnected long ago. When we first moved in I used to idly press them - Kim would respond 'I don't know why you bother as nobody is going to come!' And at home nobody ever does. Yet on the weekend, at the Establishment, they did, complete with breakfast:

We ventured outside the hotel to indulge in bona fide grown up activity. We spent the afternoon at the Art Gallery of New South Wales at the Picasso exhibition:

And afterwards went to dinner at a friend's house who really got into the Spanish theme and cooked this amazing paella:

Followed by crema catalana:

Both were masterpieces in their own right.

On Sunday, at the Opera House Bar, we met up with my room mate from the Bikram Yoga Advanced Seminar that we both went to in January. This time we were drinking bubbly instead of coconut water, or the Coca Cola which Bikram himself drinks constantly.

But now that I'm well and truly back at home, I'm going to have a cup of tea in anticipation of bed. I'll just walk down the stairs to make it myself.


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