Tuesday, 27 March 2012


On Sunday I went on a date with one of my pirate fanciers to have a look over the HMB Endeavour replica:

Now I'm not suggesting that Captain Cook was a pirate, rather the attraction was going on board an olde worlde ship and imagining life on board.  This experience cost the two of us $27.

Being Hobart, HMB Endeavour was tied up at the dock alongside this, the Sea Shepherd's Bob Barker:

We could have got aboard this ship for free, yet unfortunately we'd run out of time. Aren't these two ships an interesting study in juxtaposition, every way you look at them. I wonder what the reaction of a Sea Shepherd crew would have been if they had happened to be around when the Endeavour had sailed into Australian waters?

When we got home, Tobes had been to a pirate themed birthday party and was dressed the part:

Using his imaginitis he turned the deck into his ship.

I'm ashamed to admit that I spent seven hours of the weekend transfixed by Downton Abbey:

How did I miss this when it was on the telly? If only somebody, anybody other than me, would do that thing with the duster to my chandeliers. It would be wonderful. My cleaning lady isn't allowed to stand on a ladder. How times have changed. Wasn't the last episode disappointing - they pulled out every cheap trick to seduce you into anticipating the second series. Saying that, does anyone know when it comes out?


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