Thursday, 1 March 2012


Hello from my new computer! All week I have been trying to beg, borrow or steal Mimi and Kim's computers as soon as they walk through the door yet they have had a litany of excuses as to why I couldn't make use of them....homework, left at the office etc etc etc. So for the last two days I have been trying to rectify my computer less situation and been engaged in computer shopping - an incredibly time consuming task. No lunch out and about for me today. No time for even a green tea. I must say that I am really very happy with the one that I chose yet still haven't been able to make it do email or sync to iTunes yet. Hopefully soon.

It's probably lucky that I haven't had access to a computer this week as things have been really quite dull in my neck of the woods. However there has been a very celebratory vibe going on at the Bikram Yoga Studio Newtown with Anna announcing that she is pregnant and Karlene clocking up her 365th day IN A ROW. Congratulations ladies! ....365 days....if my veggie maths skills are right that translates to almost 23 days spent in the room, more than three weeks. Imagine.

Have you seen this:

If you haven't and you are struggling for something to watch on the weekend, get this. It was filmed in Sete which was about an hour down the road from Espondeilhan, where we lived in France.....sigh. Sete was where Mimi was desperate to go to the loo, so heavily pregnant me left the rest of the family on the street and took her into a cafe (somewhere near where the hair salon in the film must have been) to ask if we could use the facilities. When I answered an honest 'no' to the question of whether we would be having a meal in their restaurant they turned a pregnant woman and child away. That's the French for you and their strict rules and regulations regarding the use of toilets. Sete is a beautiful place though.


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