Thursday, 8 March 2012


Yesterday I received this sms:

'Am at hairdressers reading mags.....Kate Moss has your new jeans!!!Xx'

Accompanied by this attachment:

So I did I quick turn around the internet and lo and behold, it's true:

Thanks to Harriett for the tip off. Yet honestly, how likely am I to bump into Kate wearing the same jeans in downtown Hobart?  So I wore them out last night to our Art Collecting Group meeting last night:

As you can see, no Kate and not much leopard print denim going on either. 

Tim Burns, an abstract landscape painter who lives locally talked about himself and his work.  It was an amazing talk, incredibly powerful. Tim really opened himself up as he kept the lights on and relied entirely on words to describe his inspiration and ideas. Unusually, for a visual artist, he showed no images of his work, or of anything. It was incredibly evocative - seeing what he was talking about in your mind's eye.

Our Art Collecting Group organised through the Bett Gallery is moving into it's third year. It is a curious thing to be a part of - a group of people who really have not much else in common except for membership of this group and an interest in art.  We all contribute a set amount of money over a ten year period which is then spent on - in our group's case - Tasmanian art. The premise is that the work acquired by the group spends time at everyone's houses and then there is an auction at which you bid (with allocated shares) to acquire your favourite pieces from the collection. I am still struggling to understand how it all works. And trying to grapple with the meaning behind the most recent acquisition which is a post colonial, collage played on a dvd. Can you 'see' it?

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