Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I was back in the hot room today. On Sunday, for the first time ever, I walked out of a Bikram Yoga class part way through (I got as far as the second set of Half Tortoise pose). Of course I blamed the ham and cheese crepe I'd consumed only an hour before class knowing full well that I should NEVER eat anything for at least two hours before.  But how could I say no:

I was so ill. Yet it wasn't the result of Kim's handiwork with his French, purpose built, cast iron crepe pan it was something far more sinister. When I got home (and in case you are wondering I did finish off the class, it may have felt like I was in the loo forever yet I only missed both sets of the dreaded Camel pose) I was greeted by the news that Tobes had had five vomits. Then I had three more myself. And then Mimi succumbed and then Kim and then Felix.

Oh, the washing this all generated. I had the perfect opportunity to try out my new alternative to washing powder - soap nuts - that I bought from Live Life in the village on Saturday:

Don't be sceptical because of it's appearance:

Although I must admit that I wasn't entirely convinced myself. However after eight loads of VERY MESSY washing I can not sing praises of soap nuts highly enough. All you do is put four of the nuts into a little calico bag (which conveniently comes in the packet) and add it directly to the wash:

Four nuts will see you through five loads. And best of all there is not a chemical in sight as they are picked directly off a tree that doesn't compromise rain forests.

Up until we were all struck down by gastro we had been having such a lovely weekend. It was Mimi's school fair on Friday night - the spitting rain and twelve degree temperatures were no deterrent. The boys had a fabulous time with their joke show bags. Would you accept a piece of gum from this boy:

Be it at your peril as you would have found a plastic cockroach stuck to your finger. Needless to say the boys thought it was hysterical. As well as the squirty ring and whoopee cushion. After the fair they moved on to greener pastures and even more unsuspecting adults - joking everyone at Kim's office staff drinks.  "Wanna piece of gum?!"


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