Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 2.

It's only day two and Bikram's not selling cheesecake, he's selling PAIN. And today he wasn't so Mr Nice Guy.

He told us a story about how when he first started his classes he used to lock the door and in the 140 degree temperatures people had to "piss in their costumes or shit in their pants". Mercifully, today the doors were unlocked as there was a steady trickle of people in and out during the Beginners class which became a mass exodus during the first savasana. And then once the floor series started and someone tried to leave she was challenged with "why you leave, do you have to go and change your tampon?"

But worse was to come. The girl with the trompe l'oeil tough sticker on her back (an ornately decorated dagger which trickily looked like it was stuck through a flap of her skin just in case you were wondering) who was on the mat in front of me struck trouble. Heaven forbid, she looked down during floor bow which didn't escape Bikram's eagle eye and suddenly all hell broke loose. He asked her why she looked down and she answered that her teacher had told her to. "Who's your teacher? They will loose their teaching licence!" He stood her up and demanded to know who knew her and which studio she goes to. Eventually someone down in the back corner of the room put up their hand and said that she went to eight different studios. All seemed appeased by this answer and I saw her back in the room for the second class - albeit in a different place.

And the yoga? It felt much better today (although I should clarify this by saying that it was still HARD). The Advanced series moved much faster and we progressed through to postures that we hadn't done yesterday. Sorry to report that I didn't have success with the Mountain yet I did make inroads with my lotus which is a start, right? 

Today, there was less demonstrating and more doing. Although after Bikram claimed that he created the word disco, he did demonstrate lifting his man boobs in time to a song.

Never a dull moment.

And just because it's summer on the Gold Coast I capped off my afternoon with a swim at Burleigh Heads:

Don't you wish you were here?


  1. great Romy. I do wish I was there,

  2. My goodness Romy are you actually enjoying it all? Has Bikram put you on a special eating plan? Do tell.... Loving your blog x

  3. Peversely, I'm loving it! It Is an incredible experience. Bikram's mantra regarding food is "what's the best food..... no food" as he swigs from a can of coke. Don't worry I'm writing this on my iphone in a Greek restaurant as I wait for a souvlaki although I told them to hold the chips!


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