Thursday, 19 January 2012

Deja Vu.

Today was Thursday. So I indulged in my usual Thursday behaviour.

9.30am Bikram Yoga class followed by a turn around Gowans Auctions. This was the view in one of the sheds:

You really do have to concentrate very hard to revisualise items in a completely different context. It just wasn't working for me today, see:

Hmm? Maybe not.

Then the children and I headed to the beach - even though it usually results in not one but two additional loads of washing due to all of the sand. It was worth it though as look how beautiful and blue the weather was in Hobart:

I'm delaying the inevitable and giving myself another week before I need to embark on behaviour involving school preparation. Eek - uniforms, books, haircuts and worst of all school shoes as the boys need two pairs each.

Only two and a half weeks left of school hols.

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