Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day 4.

What do you want 90 minutes of pain or 90 years of pain?

The idea behind Bikram Yoga is that you suffer in class so the rest of the time you're in heaven. It's preventative medecine. Bikram says that people come to him with a junk body, a screw loose brain and a lost soul and like an auto mechanic he panel beats each aspect into alignment through his yoga sequences. However apparently human bodies are harder to fix than cars because we think and speak.

All week we have been trying to guess Bikram's actual age and  have it narrowed down to around 70. He really is a walking advertisement for what he is selling.

The vibe amongst everyone participating in this Advanced Seminar is amazing. There is a real sense of cameraderie - that we are all in this (hot smelly room, extreme yoga, tacky, isolated and overpriced hotel) together. Last night my room mate (from Sydney) and I hosted a dinner party in our courtyard - a difficult feat as there are no cooking facilities in our hotel room. So you had to bring your own food and coconut water. One of our guest's was from Russia as can you believe that there are not one but two Bikram Yoga studios in Moscow. I have also met people from Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Sunshine Coast.

Tonight we are going to brave Bikram's Bollywood movie night. Hopefully we can sit near the door and sneak out early so we don't get stuck until 4am.

Did I also mention that all of this yoga has given me carpet burn on my knee? Apart from that I feel great.

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