Friday, 20 January 2012


So I shouldn't have written that bit late last night about neglecting school preparation. When I seriously started contemplating what I have to achieve over the next two weeks, it induced utter panic - I couldn't sleep.

Luckily Studio New Town is half way to the Showgrounds so after this morning's yoga class we kept driving to face the anual torment that is the purchasing of school books that Birchall's sets up in a shed at the Showgrounds. Yet, maybe it isn't so bad - they are really very helpful and kindly arrange piles of everything you need for your child's year group to match the booklist. You then pay for it and take it home. That was Mimi's books sorted.

Felix's books were another story altogether. No Showgrounds for his. They had to be ordered online from a mainland supplier. As soon as I logged on I discovered that there is no way he is going to have his books to coincide with school starting. I had no choice other than to persist as this is the only place with the actual booklist. I'm embarrased to say that it took me two sessions to find the list of books and stationery (and worst luck a recorder) - the frustration. Mercifully one of the mother's I bumped into at the Showgrounds was able to talk me through the finer details - thanks Belinda!

When we finally got home we made a restorative batch of date scones:

They are so easy. All you do is while you are waiting for the oven to heat up to 220 degrees is mix 300g self raising flour with a handful of chopped dates and stir in 150ml cream and 150ml water. Squish out onto a  floured bench and cut into scone shapes (I use an egg ring). Brush top with milk and bake for around12 minutes.

After that we were prepared to walk down the hill to tackle Mimi's school uniform.

I still haven't done anything about the five pairs of shoes.

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