Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 3.

Welcome to Hong Kong. Today the ballroom was an overpopulated parallel universe inhabited by I'd guess around 300 Bikram Yoga enthusiasts (and I use this term loosely). It was standing room only and so humid that by the end of the class it was like being in fog - you could barely see the far side of the room.

It may have been hot yet Bikram himself seemed more sedate - after he had bounced all the girls wearing boob tubes from the class.

Today there seemed to be more of an emphasis on mind as well as the unrelenting physical assault on the body. Bikram warned us on the first night that he was going to suck out our brains, put them in a blender and make us drink them and he is following through on his promise. He told us that one of the main problems facing human beings is self realisation. That we just don't know what we are capable of - the true power that's within us.

Oh, of course it was also a day of spectacles. Bikram couldn't resist the temptation to give himself a wedgie and very impressively waggle his butt cheeks to demonstrate what he meant by the difference between loose and clenched. Whereas two of his World Champions demonstrated the awe inspiring full camel - complete with Bikram standing on their hips. Neither is a sight to forget in a hurry.

When you wade past all of the showmanship and sexy stories Bikram is essentially toting freedom from disease and longevity (even though we are convinced we are being asphyiated by the gas from the heater)which is pretty compelling really.

I'll leave you with the view of the room from savasana:



  1. What was wrong with the boob tubes? It really does sound like a torture chamber!

  2. Hi Romy - I am loving reading your blog. I am a Studio New Town practitioner but we haven't actually met. What's the problem with boob tubes (not that I wear one!)? Keep up the great work in the hot room.
    Cheers, Libby.

  3. Ladies, if you ever do a class with Bikram don't wear a boob tube as he doesn't want any rude bits popping out! You also can't wear green yet am not sure definitively why. My room mate reckons it was because his brother was wearing a green tshirt the day he got stampeded by an elephant! It might not be the real reason!


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