Saturday, 21 January 2012


I'm going on a date tonight with my husband as it's a year since we returned to Hobart after eight months in France. Sigh. We are going to a French restaurant just down the road in Hobart. This time last year in Paris we went here:

The Michelin starred La Tour D'Argent -we made the reservation for lunch the night before and got a table. The icing on the cake was that we had a babysitter. We attracted Caroline a gorgeous twenty something Parisienne student a couple of weeks before while lunching in the Marais with all of the children (there was no respite):

She was sitting at the table next to us at this very restaurant and was so keen to volunteer her babysitting services that she programmed her number into my phone. How could I not ring her up? She was a gift from the babysitting gods. The only downside was that the children didn't like that she smoked out of the window - I did say that she was Parisienne didn't I?

Anyway, everything conspired to make lunch at La Tour D'Argent memorable. Six week old Camelia slept on the chair:

Kim had duck for his main course and was presented with a card with a picture of ducks on the front and the number of the duck that he ate on the back. Wasn't that a special touch?

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