Friday, 10 February 2012


At lunchtime I was convinced that today was shaping up as more than averagely monotonously dull. Luckily the stars aligned and our favourite babysitter was free so I coerced Kim to take me to the Nicholas Blowers opening at the Bett Gallery in North Hobart:

Sophisticated Friday evening entertainment, eh what? There was wine and curious thought provoking conversation prompted by the artworks on display:

There is no doubt about it, Nicholas Blowers has a talent for trees. They have been the subject of his work for years:

The layers of paint add and labourious detail make them incredibly realistic and beautiful. You are almost consumed in the stillness and intimacy of the scene.

But wait, there was more than trees:

These curiously realistic yet unidentifiable insect like creatures which were seductive yet repulsive at the same time.

And to cap it all off we brought home....not a painting but an Annapurna curry.


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