Thursday, 9 February 2012


It's always the way isn't it? Today, when I dropped Milly at creche at 8.30am, wearing bike shorts, birkenstocks and a trackie top - I was en route to yoga - I bumped into a boy I'd been to school with whom I hadn't seen since the day we left. Did I also mention that I hadn't brushed my hair. Oh the horror. I'm trying to comfort myself that it could have been could have been after yoga, wearing the same ensemble yet saturated in sweat and smell.

I had a lovely day. After yoga class and a turn around Gowan's Auctions - it was Thursday after all - I went home and loaded a pile of magazines I have been trying to read into my handbag and took myself to Pidgeon Hole Cafe (93 Goulburn Street, Hobart).  And this is the ambrosial zucchini and ricotta soup I had for lunch:

As often happens I started pondering how I could make this at home with the glut of zucchinis I am anticipating now that I have planted three zucchini plants in my veggie patch. And then I started worrying because while I actually learned how to make ricotta with Rodney at the Agrarian Kitchen, that was almost two years and a pregnancy ago and unfortunately it has receeded into the mists of time.

Of course the soup was served with Jay's amazing bread. If you are reading this and you live in Hobart and you have never bought a loaf of bread from Pidgon Hole then you must go there tomorrow and buy some. It is without question the BEST bread in Hobart.

So no sooner did I sit down and relax and start flicking pages than it was time to go and pick up Tobes - he finishes school at the ungodly hour of 2.30pm. Truly, you take him there and lo and behold it is time to go and pick him up.

We didn't pick Milly up until 5.30pm which gave me time to cook dinner beforehand. By all accounts she had a wonderful day and was miss smiley when we collected her, see:

And when she got home she wanted to mow the lawn:

Until tomorrow.


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