Sunday, 12 February 2012


I had every good  intention of going to yoga today. Yet the sight that greeted my eyes when I opened them this morning was this:

A surprise Valentine's Day, two days early. How could I not succumb and join in the festivities. Milly, the French baby did, showing a proclivity for champagne at such a tender age:

So then I ate this delicious nutella crepe made by my husband for breakfast and washed it down with champagne and it was too late for yoga or anything other than hedonistic V Day behaviour :

I did wonder where all this was leading and was further surprised by the knock on the door at 12.30pm. Abracadabra it was a babysitter. So what happened next? I frocked up in this:

And was whisked off to an undisclosed location. As we were driving along the Brooker Highway I was momentarily worried that we were going to the Hobart Cup. Mercifully we kept MONA and the Source Restaurant:

It is one of my favourite restaurants. The food was fabulous. I ate this slow roasted duck with mango, palm heart, basil and olive licorice:

While Kim had the pork special with blood sausage:

We shared this curious combination of rhubarb and beetroot amalgamated as a salad - look how vibrantly pink it was:

How could we not have desert? Mine was Brioche Pain Perdu with eggnog and milk icecream:

Whike Kim predictably went the chocolate praline option:

Seeing we were there, and for once without children, we gave into temptation and went down into the bowels of the museum and finally ventured beyond the red curtains and into the red area with the content warning. I won't rush back, as compared to other parts of the museum I found it somewhat gratuitous and hollow.

And then we had a turn around the Wim Delvoye exhibition. Have you ever wondered what a tatooed adult pigs tatooed skin hung on the wall would look like? I hadn't yet now that I've seen I'm surprised by how faded and almost transparent the Disney images and Louis Vuitton patterns looked. And what were those lipstick marks framed on posh hotel letterhead?.........Yes, really.

The real show stopper was cloaca world - a display of numerous machines which when fed, food usually from the cafe upstairs, turn it into stools. Not convinced? Smell.

Back to reality tomorrow.


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