Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I've been technologically thwarted. In six weeks two of our laptops have done time in the shop - one was terminal and I have everything crossed that the other will be resuscitated and make it out alive. And then there was the curious case of Kim's ipad which was never seen again after it was somehow left on the roof of my car one hectic evening last week.

So here I am making use of the somewhat limited resources available and borrowing Kim's computer that he has kindly brought home from work.

On Sunday our family went to Italy in North Hobart - the Festa Italia. As you can see, even though there were grown men dressed as gladiators it was not like being in Rome:

After all this was in the backyard of the Italian Club in Federal Street and not actually out the front of the Colosseum or the Pantheon. We summoned all of our powers of immaginitis yet it didn't work. Especially as they were all out of pizza by 1pm. I'm not joking. Do you think they ever run out of Italy?

So we queued for fifteen minutes for spaghetti bolognaise:

This made our children very happy:

We have friends who recently moved from Rome to Hobart. They had a drinks party on Sunday evening after the Festa and they had pizza. Sadly, they are now moving from Hobart to Melbourne. Ciao Stephen and Moira. E buona fortuna.


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