Thursday, 23 February 2012


Do you ever see pictures in the carpet pattern during yoga class or is it just me? Sometimes doing Toe Stand when I focus on the carpet and not on a blob of sweat on the stripe of red tape, I can. Today it was a strange looking snake/monkey face, last week it was a sheep and when I did my first class back from the Gold Coast Seminar it was Bikram himself. I wonder what it all means? Am consoling myself with Ben's saying: "Weird is normal and normal is weird". Or should I just be psychoanalysed and be done with?

Today I wore my new grey and white leopard print jeans (how badly do I need a new iphone that takes reverse photos):

Thank you Harriett for finding them! I must say that I did feel a tad conspicuous wearing them out publicly in downtown Hobart. The acid test was what Felix would think.Thumbs up or thumbs down. I have a pair of purple J Brand colour block jeans that he has asked me not to wear to school when I pick him up:

Should I be listening to the fashion advice of an eight year old boy? As I typed that last sentence I remembered that I took the advice of a four year old boy who recently talked me into a leopard print bikini. Anyway, Felix said yes to the new jeans but remains comitted to his thoughts about the purple.

Over the last week I have been working my way through this volume:

As you can see by the yellow sticker I bought it on sale at Fuller's Bookshop. It's been sitting on my bedside table for at least six months. On Saturday I finally opened it. Initially I wasn't sure whether it was the barking of a crazy loon or incredibly perceptive with a profound meaning for the modern world. Now I am thinking that it is the latter. I'm still struggling with understanding the theories behind natural  patterns and don't quite understand the symbolic importance of the ratio of the Golden Section or quite how a credit card and ipod conform to the measurements. I'll just have to keep chipping away at it. Yet I was convinced by his ideas about how far modern life operates in a highly mechanised way disconnected from nature. It is wrong. The most shocking example being how some animals reared for food are 'manufactured' through industrial processes.

I hereby solemnly vow to never knowingly eat a caged chicken or egg or a farmed fish ever again.


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