Friday, 17 February 2012


Things were a tad stressy in our household this morning. We were all late to bed last night the result being nobody wanted to get up today - including me. Then there was the usual hurly burly of morning teas, lunches, breakfast service, hair, teeth, school notices, bags packed etc etc etc all to be taken care of. Once those going to school/work had finally evacuated it was time to clean up, get the washing on, dress the baby, change her nappy, get myself dressed and try to get to 9.30am yoga class.

We were pushing the envelope timewise anyway and then the leg of Toby's lion fell off. He was distraught - tears rolled down his face. How could I not sew it back on?  So I brushed my teeth but not my hair.

Just as we were walking out the door I noticed out of the corner of my eye that I could only see one beagle when there are meant to be two. A frantic search of the far flung reaches of the garden and a trip back upstairs to see if he had managed to slope up to our bed proved that my worst fears were confirmed - Dougal was missing. Panic. And the sad  realisation that I was going to miss yoga. Almost tears. I committed myself to scouring the neighbourhood for our deaf, addled, almost fourteen year old beagle and started running down the driveway when miracle of miracles Dougal came barrelling around the corner. Hurrah. Two beagles in their baskets and I made it to yoga just in the nick of time.


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