Saturday, 4 February 2012


Things have been manic in my house and unfortunately I've had the mood to match. Yet, I'm happy to report that this week I have been to Bikram Yoga every day and have finally managed to accomplished all of that tedious back to school palaver. Books...tick. Shoes...tick. Uniforms...tick. Haircuts...tick.

I have also done the hard yards in the boys bedroom going through ALL of their drawers and ALL of their toys - a job not for the feint hearted. In my quest I went here, not once, but twice today:

These boxes inspired  Felix to sort through ALL of his Lego - cheap at any price.

The result of all of this over the top domestic drudgery is that today I feel euphoric and haven't shouted at my children once...except for maybe when Tobes overfilled the handbasin which seriously fessed up the floor. Isn't it truly peverse that tidying up can be so therapeutic?

So tonight I am cooking a French dinner for six. My organisation is such that I have made the gougeres - to have with drinks:

A panicked call to my friend Mary, the ultimate pastry chef, assured my that they can be quickly reheated just before serving.

The Caramelised Onion Tart entree:

And Rabbit with Agen Prunes for main which I am going to dish up with potatoes that I have just been out and picked from the garden - lucky my children don't have a pet rabbit:

For dessert I have made individual chocolate pots which will go on a plate with a chocolate biscuit, fresh raspberries and double cream. You will just have to imagine this dessert spectacular in your mind's eye and hopefully I'll remember to take a photo if I don't get too tiddly and caught up in chat.

The chocolate biscuits are from Nigella's How to Be a Domestic Goddess. Seeing school starts this week I've made the dough which you can then leave in the fridge and bake in the mornings while you are feeding your children breakfast before you have to throw them and their lunchboxes into the car and race them to school. If you are looking for an easy packed lunch addition all you need to do is cream 250g soft butter with 125g caster sugar, mix in 300g self raising flour and 30g dutch press cocoa powder. Roll into walnut sized balls and then bake at 150 degrees for around 12 voila recess snack sorted.

Last night I went out to dinner here:

I wouldn't rush back - we were the only people in the entire restaurant and I understand why. The occasion was celebrate Kim's big brother's milestone birthday. He's not letting age get him down - he was sporting a mohawk.

I wore my new jacket that I bought at the net-a-porter sale:

What am I going to wear tonight? I'd better just peel the potatoes before I commit.


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